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Transform 2016

Are you ready to TRANSFORM?

The coaching and EFT tapping communities are still talking about  ‘Transform – Tapping into Wealth and Business Mastery.’ Over 300 entrepreneurs came together at the Transform business mastery events to learn business building methods, remove old blocks, and TRANSFORM their success.


Here’s what people said about Transform:

“It has been the most life-changing event of my life. I have learned so much, so fast, so thoroughly, and so deeply. I know now exactly where to go with my business and I can’t wait to start!”

Hannah Keildson

“I can say now after the third event that I’ve been to of Pamela’s, that each one was an opportunity for me to grow and expand my business.”

Maddie Brown
Conscious CPA

“Before I came to Pamela’s event I was playing it small. I’m now in a place where I’m ready to take massive action. I have the energy, I have the vision, and the practical steps to move forward in a really big way.”

Dawn DelVecchio

“Any time you run a practice, there are a billion things to do.  They all seem top priority and that can be overwhelming. I felt like Pamela really helped clarify what is most important to do right now.”

Adele Wang