$100 session, or $5000 package?

Pamela Bruner, CEO, Business Coach, USA

30 November 2017

Know what I love best about this time of year (and no, it’s not just the yummy food!)?

It’s a time for reflection – thinking about what goals I hit out of the park this year, what ones fell a little short (hey, life happens to all of us, right?). And I love thinking how I can continue to grow my business in the coming year (I might be a business geek…)

I use this time before the holiday rush and the pressure of New Year’s resolutions to think about my goals, both business and personal, for the coming year and map out how to get there.

When I started my business, I wasn’t dreaming about reaching $1 million (and higher!) in annual revenue. I just wanted to make a good living serving clients really well.

Children window shopping

I knew in order to get there, I needed a way to package my expertise and my transformational services into a high-ticket package that would allow clients to learn from me in an approachable way AND allow me to be paid well for my gifts.

“$100 sessions were just NOT going to cut it.”

Creating a high-ticket package was a game-changer for my business, but first I had to have the confidence to sell it without feeling like a pushy salesperson.

Smiling woman reading a book at Christmas time.

Over the past month, I’ve shared some of my best tips for making sales feel authentic so prospects are eager to work with you. Now that you know how to easily sell your transformational services, are you ready to create your high-ticket package?

Here are five things to keep in mind when designing a high-dollar offer to grow your business to new levels in 2018 (and beyond!)

1) Delivers awesome transformation to your client: Transformation takes time and effort. With a high-ticket package, clients get detailed instructions and support, with tools they can reference as many times as needed. This gives them confidence in the skills they are learning, with structured guidance from you.

2) Solves one particular problem. Here’s the thing – your transformation likely addresses multiple issues for clients, but asking people to fix everything at once will overwhelm them and could make them nervous about working with you. Design your high-ticket offering around one problem and solution (and then consider creating other offers to sell them later!)

3) Pays you well for your private time. Time is your most valuable resource, and you can’t serve your clients optimally if you are working all the time and not taking care of yourself. That’s why you need to charge for your private time accordingly – it needs to be financially worth your effort to help them one-on-one.  A well-designed high-ticket package can do that!

4) Can be leveraged and scaled to create more impact. This goes back to the value of time. Even at high-ticket prices, your business growth will be limited by how many people you can serve individually – unless you can leverage your expertise and scale it. But it’s hard to scale if you don’t have a solid basis of income. Your high-ticket package can do that and then you can create versions of it to scale, grow, and help more people.

5) You are inspired and motivated to deliver your best work. It is empowering to charge what you are worth – and know you are delivering exceptional value to your clients. When you know you are helping people to experience deep transformation in their lives, you want to keep doing that for others. A high-ticket package allows you to significantly expand your reach and help more people.

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