Does Your Product or Service Benefit Your Customer?

Does Your Product or Service Benefit Your Customer?

By Pamela Bruner, Business Success Coach

I’ve asked many groups of people this question, and the answer is a universal ‘YES’!

Of course what you do benefits your customer – otherwise there would be no market for it.

When was the last time that you read a great book, one that you felt changed your life? Or saw a great movie? Ate at a great new restaurant? Didn’t you run out and tell everyone your knew about it? If it was a book, you may have even bought copies of the book to give your friends, knowing how much it would benefit them. You may have referred to the book so much that you started getting ‘looks’ from your friends. But they probably appreciated your enthusiasm, and your desire to make a difference in their lives.

Are you willing to do the same for your business?

If not, why not?
At this point, most people will say – ‘Well, I didn’t benefit from recommending the book to my friends, so it was OK to do. It’s not the same if I benefit from the recommendation.’

So here is your limiting belief:

It’s not OK to help people if I benefit from doing so.

Wow! Looking at it like that, it looks a bit silly, doesn’t it?

How about this belief instead: It’s great to help other people, and it’s great that I can make a living from doing so! If I couldn’t make a living, I couldn’t continue to help people. If I make a better living, I’ll be able to help people more, including myself.

It’s a WIN/WIN!



Remember the last time that you enthusiastically recommended something to your friends (that wasn’t your product or service). Vividly recall your excitement, what you said, your willingness to speak about this wonderful thing that you’d experienced.

Now imagine doing that for your product or service. Pick just one person in your mind that you would talk to. Does it feel the same to you? If not, why not? What is different? Write down any limiting beliefs, or negative emotions that come up for you as you imagine happily sharing your business. Talk these over with a business friend or your coach, and turn them around! Remember, it’s a win-win!

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