Pamela Bruner, CEO, Business Coach, USA

27 December 2017

As 2018 inches closer, many business coaches are talking about mapping out your business goals, booking more clients, and having your most successful year yet.

I’m a fan of all of that!

I love planning out my big goals, and you’ve probably heard me mention once or twice (or more…I swear I’m not a broken record!) that writing down your goals is the best way to reach them. A bonus of capturing my wildest dreams (and even some small and simple ones!) – is reviewing them at the end of the year to see what rocked and what might still need some extra work.

Writing down your goals is the best way to reach them

But as a transformational coach, I want my goals to help me keep personally evolving. I love to infuse a dash of spirituality into my business goals, and I bet that’s something you love, too.

“I want my goals to help me keep personally evolving”

I thought I’d share a few things I do every year to fine tune my personal compass and keep my business thriving.

I love to infuse a dash of spirituality into my business goals

Here are 3 spiritual practices to make 2018 your greatest business year yet.

  • Word of the week. Every week, my husband and I pick out a word of the week with a personal spiritual focus to guide our intentions and actions. Some past words have included Serendipity, Support, and Inspiration. How do I use the word of the week? I look for ways to allow more of that into my daily life.This might come as a surprise, but I am really driven to reach my goals (shocker, right? 🙂 ) and also have a tendency to want to do all the heavy lifting myself. But in my business, I’ve built up a great team and choosing the word “Support” helped me to ask for the support I needed, and allow them to support me with their gifts and strengths.Each night, we share ‘what was your favorite part of the day’? We focus on how the word of the week showed up for us. It keeps the word, and the energy, present throughout the week.Changing it every week keeps it fresh, too!
  • Word (or mantra) of the year. In addition to a weekly word, I select a word to serve as my overarching theme for the year. I’ll check in with that theme throughout the year to make sure I’m still on track. This has helped me stay focused on my biggest personal and professional goals. It is my internal compass for the year.In fact, 2016 was actually the first time I hadn’t selected a theme in several years, and throughout some of 2017, I felt like I was drifting and unfocused. Some of the big goals I had mapped out for the year fizzled, and I believe it was because I didn’t anchor myself to a word or mantra to push me to be my best in all areas.
  • Clear, stated intentions. A New Year’s ritual I’ve adopted is to create no more than 12 intentions for the coming year. I write them down as though they’ve already happened and I’m celebrating their realization. They usually start with, “I am so happy that I have accomplished …” or “I am so grateful that I have completed …”But the real magic? Printing those intentions, framing them, and putting them somewhere where I can see them every day. Seeing those intentions as though they have already happened is a powerful catalyst to guarantee they really do! Give it a try this year.

Let me know on Facebook (or in the comments below) – how do you blend spirituality and personal growth into your big business goals?

May 2018 exceed even your biggest dreams.