3 Ways to Fight Impostor Syndrome

Here’s a question I get a lot from new coaches…

“How can I overcome feeling like an impostor?”

Wow, right? That’s a biggie. In my experience in working with thousands of transformational entrepreneurs, this feeling shows up in all sorts of ways.

It can affect what you charge, how comfortable you feel in networking or sales, whether you jump into opportunity, and so much more. If you don’t deliberately work to shift it, your business will suffer (and you’ll feel pretty lousy, too).

But good news… This IS a problem you can do something about!

There are 2 primary reasons people feel like impostors. Here are those reasons – and strategies you can start using *right now* to put “Impostor Syndrome” behind you for good.

Reason #1: Experience

You know rationally that anytime you’re starting something new, it’s going to take you a little while to feel like you’ve mastered it. It’s no different for coaching, consulting, or healing. You may have a real gift for coaching, healing, or a decade of consulting as someone’s employee, but it feels different when it’s your business, and you’re a professional, doesn’t it?

No matter how skilled you may be, you simply don’t have the experience under your belt to be completely confident. (Congratulations – that means you’re self-aware and you know you can always improve. You’re already way ahead of most people!) 🙂

It’s hard to position yourself as an expert when you don’t *feel* like an expert. So to fight those feelings, you’re going to have to be creative and get that experience!

What to do instead:

Solution 1:

Find 2 or 3 people in your personal life – friends, family, colleagues – and offer them a lower priced beta version of your program. If your program involves a long-term commitment, create a 30 day pilot program. You can call it your Jumpstart program and offer it as another product later. (Ta-da! There’s your downsell, or lower-priced alternative to your higher-priced Signature System.)

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Make sure that the length of your Jumpstart program is long enough for your client – and YOU – to experience transformation. Because that feedback from successful clients will go miles and miles in giving you the confidence you need to embrace your expertise.

One last note – Don’t forget to get a testimonial from these beta clients. (For more information, read “5 Tips for Getting Tantalizing Testimonials.”) They’ll make great social proof but they’ll also serve as a reminder to you that your work *does* make a difference to people.

Solution 2:

If you’ve already done this – put 2, 3, or 5 people through your work – then it’s time for a different strategy. Don’t book more people into a lower-priced or free program! Instead, sit down and write out (yep, I mean it!) the results or transformation that those people received. Read it over 10 times for each person. THAT’S what you do. Claim it.

Reason #2:  Expertise Overlap

What you do is important. Vital, really. But you’re probably not the only one doing it (or something a lot like it). So you’re going to see other experts’ material and think, “That’s awesome! I wish I had thought of that…”

But don’t get down on yourself if this happens. It’s great that other people’s work is resonating with you. It means that you’re open to new ideas and that you see inspiration in lots of places.

What to do instead:

Solution 3:

So how do you incorporate elements you love into your own work without being a copycat? Take a step back and think about how you could integrate that same idea in a new and different way.

For example, I had a client who so loved my Partner Model of transformational sales, that she came to me and asked if she could integrate something similar into her work. She wanted to call it the Friend Model. I said yes (and remembered that old saying about ‘imitation being the best form of flattery’). But she didn’t use my model as her own – because that would be crossing a line. She made it her own. And I cheered for her.

We have the internet at our fingertips every day. The information is out there. And there are lots of people who are struggling with whatever problem you help solve. Your ideal clients have access to all that information, too.

But what they don’t have is access to curated information. What they need is the information that will help them, handpicked and grouped together for them, without going through the 1,771,861 sites that Google found as a match. 🙂

What they need is somebody to support them to step into transformation – and that’s you! So don’t let Impostor Syndrome hold you back from reaching the people who need you.

Join me for my “Profit From Your Gifts” webinar to hear real-life stories of entrepreneurs who went from charging by the hour to charging $3,000 – $10,000 per client using Signature Systems (while working less and having a bigger impact)!