5 Freebie Mistakes Coaches & Healers Make

Pamela Bruner, CEO, Business Coach, Author

15 May 2018

Everybody loves freebies. It’s pretty hard to go wrong when you’re giving away something for free… Right?


There are 5 big mistakes coaches, healers, and others in the transformation industry make time and time again when it comes to freebies. This means that all that time that you spent making the freebie, and time spent attracting a potential client, can be wasted if you don’t give them something really juicy.

Check them out – so you can avoid them!

“All that time that you spent making the freebie, and time spent attracting a potential client, can be wasted if you don’t give them something really juicy.

MISTAKE #1: Information overload

It used to be that audiences needed a ‘thud factor’ – that thing that hit them so hard they had to sit up and listen to what you were saying. But now, the days of 80-page ebooks and 10-hour free video series are over. With everybody living on social media and being inundated with so many messages every single day, now you actually need an ’anti-thud factor’ if you want to get their attention in a meaningful way.

What to do instead:

Deliver your message in powerful, bite-sized chunks. Remember: curated content is better – and more digestible – than reams and reams of information people have to sort through. Nobody has time for that. Help your audience digest the important pieces – and keep coming back to you as the subject matter expert!

MISTAKE #2: A freebie for ‘everyone!’

The language that works for a 20-something new mom probably won’t resonate with a 55-year-old professional struggling as an ‘empty-nester’. Even though both may be stressed, if you try to target ‘this will help with stress’… neither one will feel hear. Speaking to everybody in the same way doesn’t work in real life and it certainly doesn’t work online.

What to do instead:

Be specific when targeting your audience. Create content that’s relevant to your single most important target audience – your avatar – and not everybody who might possibly access your content. That way, you can use language that’s relevant to just that ideal client.


MISTAKE #3: Speaking in generalities

DON’T SAY THIS: “These 3 things will completely change your life” (Really? I can get that in an ebook? Nope. Not believable. Or, if I can, it would take me a week to read. Not happening.)

What to do instead:

Make the information you’re sharing super-specific.

DO SAY THIS: “Discover the 3 things that will help you book more clients this week” (This is focused on one specific problem and delivers a clear result – PERFECT!)


MISTAKE #4: Irrelevant content

Make sure your messaging is designed to add real value to your audience. Don’t use unappealing calls-to-action, like “Sign up for my newsletter.” Let’s be honest – nobody wants another newsletter… UNLESS it creates real value for them.

What to do instead:

Speak to your audience in a way that’s much more enticing and relevant to them, like “Discover 3 things that are sabotaging your mojo in relationships.” Wouldn’t you rather read that, than sign up for another newsletter, that may or may not be relevant to your life? I know I would.

MISTAKE #5: Audio is so 2008

Audio is out, video is in. People want to make connections and that’s easier to do when they can see your expression, your mannerisms, and your complete and total passion for transformation!

What to do instead:

Get in front of the camera and practice, practice, practice. iPhone video, or Facebook LIVE, is a great way to share your content, and your compelling brand with your audience.

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