5 Must-Dos for Self Care

Do you sometimes work so hard that, in the overwhelm, you have no time to take care of yourself?

I get that (I’m guilty of it myself sometimes,) but the truth is, if you’re not taking time for proper self-care, you’re not going to be your best self for your clients. You actually owe it to your clients as much as to yourself to engage in self-care, so you can be of service to them.

So, here are 5 easy ways you can take a breath in your business:


1). Don’t be afraid to say “no”

This might sound pretty triggering, especially if you love being of service to people. Someone might really need what you have to offer, how can you possibly say no to them? (Too much of this, and you’ll shift into ‘people pleaser’ mode, which definitely doesn’t serve anyone.)

Honestly? You probably need to say ‘no’ every now and then. If you’re running into situations where you’re constantly saying yes to people, you’re eventually going to burn out and do them a disservice. This is particularly true when you’re growing your business, because you’ll get requests to do things for ‘exposure’ which may or may not help your business.

In this instance, be willing to say something like “I would love to help you, AND could I get back to you when I can devote my full attention to you?” Then, when you feel ready to take them on, you can do so with confidence. Or create a ‘no zone’ of time, like ‘I will take on no new projects for the next week’ so you can catch up and complete items already on your plate.


2). Identify your needs, and fulfill them!

We all have basic needs that need to be fulfilled for us to be content. Some of us need a day of alone time, some of us need to be surrounded by others. We all have different needs.

A very crucial part of proper self-care is being able to identify these needs, so we can recognize when they’re not being met in our lives and in our business.

So, when you’re feeling overwhelmed, take a breather and try to figure out which need isn’t being met. Do you need

  1. More downtime
  2. More ‘friend time’
  3. More sleep
  4. Something else?

Once you identify this,  take time to meet it!


3). Disconnect after work hours

As a business owner, the feeling that you have to be constantly immersed in your business seems necessary, right? I’ve been there too. The truth is, it doesn’t have to be this way, and too much interference in your life can actually lead to a huge amount of overwhelm.

It’s totally understandable if you need to be available a couple of nights a week to satisfy all your clients, but most days, simply turn off your work phone or close your email and do some explicitly non-business things (I like to watch sci-fi TV shows, personally!)


4) Set aside time for breaks in your day

This is a big one, especially if you’re a business owner who can end up on the phone all day long, just sitting at a desk and not moving. Set aside some time, maybe before or after lunch, and go for a small walk or do your favorite stretches/yoga poses/exercises.

I’ve got a habit of getting up and making a cup of herbal tea, because that small break can give me a chance to breathe and refresh.

This helps me a ton on days when I know I’m going to be sitting, because too much lack of movement is actually really draining, and can make you feel even more tired and overwhelmed as more work comes your way.


5) Identify clients who you love, and work only with them.

Chasing clients who drain you just requires you to take more time for self-care. When you’re starting out, it’s easy to think that you ought to take everyone with a credit card and a pulse 🙂 However, working with people who are overly-needy, fight you when you try to help them, or don’t do the work you recommend are clients who will slow your business growth. It’s easier to walk away when you have a clear idea of your ideal client, and you’re constantly seeking out those people.
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One Response to 5 Must-Dos for Self Care

  1. Outrageously Happy Tip

    A fabulous self care tip to restore and rejuvenate is to put your feet up the wall ( also know as viparita-karani )
    – a restorative yoga pose where you invert your legs up a wall and get the blood flowing down into your belly. Sheer bliss to counteract sitting at your desk!