5 Tips to create more time

Do you feel like there’s never enough time to get everything done?

Do you constantly feel behind at the end of the day?

Unsure of how to prioritize your to-do list, when every item seems urgent?

You’re not alone. The feeling of ‘there’s not enough time’ plagues most entrepreneurs and small business owners, and it can lead to frustration, anxiety, mistakes, and even procrastination. Yet everyone has 24 hours in a day. How is it that some people manage to make it happen?

Here are some simple tips to create ‘more time’ in your schedule.

1) Prioritize. Everything on your to-do list does not have equal importance. If you could only get one thing done on your list, what would it be? OK, if that thing were done, what would be the next one to do? Overwhelm comes from believing that everything has equal priority, and everything has to be done RIGHT NOW. It’s just not true.

2) Avoid distractions. Yes, you’ve heard this, but have you turned off the little ringer that tells you when you have a new email, or are you constantly stopping what you’re doing to check it? Studies show that after a distraction, it takes 18 minutes to return to your task. Do that just a few times a day, and you’ve lost an entire hour. Other things to do include turning off the phone and letting it go to voice mail, and asking family to respect ‘do not disturb’ times. Implement these ideas for just a day, and you’ll be shocked to see how your productivity soars.

3) Just say no. How many requests do you respond to that aren’t serving you or your business? If it will bring in additional business, go ahead and respond. If it doesn’t feel like a fit, just say ‘no, thanks’ and save that time.

4) Give a deadline for a task. For example, try to write your ezine in 20 minutes, or create an outline for a report in just 45 minutes. Giving yourself a deadline can be a good way to focus your work for short periods of time and allow yourself a burst of productivity.

5) Schedule your important tasks. If you know you need to write some marketing emails on one particular day, but they could be done any time during the day, schedule them anyway, say from 2pm – 3pm. You’ll sit down with more intention, and you’re less likely to let less important items interfere with getting them done.

Here’s a little warning about these tips: They are all things that most people know to do, but that they don’t do! This may be because of old habits, or because organization or prioritization feels scary. If you find that you’re getting in your own way, take a look at what’s stopping you from actually implementing these ‘time creation ideas’ in your business, and work to eliminate it. (Tapping, anyone?)

Here’s a tapping audio that I recorded just for you to go along with this article: http://tinyurl.com/7u5s8am

2 Responses to 5 Tips to create more time

  1. Lorii Abela says:

    It seems like you are talking to me, Pamela. Thanks for sharing these awesome tips. 🙂