6 Inconvenient Truths about Business

In building a business, there are so many activities to be scheduled – Client appointments, sales calls, networking events, learning opportunities, and mastermind meetings, just to name a few. Often these take time, money, and advance planning, and you may feel like putting out the extra effort just isn’t worth it, even if you know that attending an event will make a difference.

I’ve seen this pattern over and over. Here are the limiting thoughts that are hurting your business:

‘I’m doing so many other things, I can get away with not attending this event.’
‘I won’t really get much from it. I never do.’
‘I can’t invest that much in myself. I might not get it back.’
‘It’s just too inconvenient to work everything out.’

For those of you who are looking for truth in what it takes to run a business, you can take these to the bank.

  1. It’s never a convenient time to work on your business. Do it anyway.
  2. The money that you need for your next important business investment is probably not already sitting in your sock drawer. Figure it out, and invest anyway.
  3. You don’t need a positive mindset 100% of the time. You need to take action 100% of the time, and have a positive mindset during as much of that as possible.
  4. It won’t happen as fast as you want it to. But if you do #3, it will happen.
  5. Super-successful people will tell you that most success consists of showing up. And showing up. And showing up.
  6. Believing in yourself, and taking action consistent with that belief, is the best business strategy you can have.

The difference between you having to close your business, and you succeeding beyond  your wildest dreams can be as simple as showing up. Even when it’s not convenient.