7 Great Email Subject Lines

When you write emails to people on your list, it’s important that people read them. You can’t nurture your ideal client, create a relationship, and eventually have them work with you unless they’re reading the material you’re sending out.

But if your email subject line is boring, chances are that your email will never get opened. That means that all your great content, and what you’re offering, will never even be seen.

Here are 7 different styles of subject lines that WORK, so you can get your ideas in front of the people who need them most:

1) Self-interest
This type of subject line should be used most frequently in your emails, because it just works, simple as that. Self-interest subject lines appeal directly to your audience and their need for what you have to offer, and that’s enough to get them to open most of the time. It’s also a no-frills way to present your offer, whether by naming it or promoting the benefit of it, and the open rates will give you a direct response on how interested your audience is.

Example: “Learn how to book more ideal clients by working less”

2) Curiosity
A subject line with a curiosity factor is similar to a self-interest line, but the strategy differs in one important way. Instead of presenting your offer to your audience directly, you’re teasing it with captivating language that might peak interest. You’re not necessarily misleading your audience, you’re just grabbing their attention through slightly scary language or through a sly hint of what you’re offering.
Be careful though, because even though curiosity can lead to a very high open rate, too many curiosity-driven subject lines can wear out your readers and you’ll see a drop-off in opens.

Example: “I can’t believe this happened…”

3) Urgency/Scarcity
Without a doubt, this can be THE most effective subject line at your disposal. In this subject line, you are communicating the reason why your readers have to open the email right now. Like with curiosity headlines though, too many of these can lead to burnout and distrust among your readers (for instance, they’ll catch on that your products “disappear forever” a lot.)

Example: “My event is almost SOLD OUT. Register now!

4) Personal/Story
Personal subject lines can be very effective in heart-centered transformational businesses, because appealing to your readers’ emotions is a surefire way to establish a bond. Trust is crucial in a coaching, healing or training business, and letting readers relate to you on this level is always a powerful tool.

Example: “I want to tell you about how my life changed…”

5) Social proof
This style of subject line is similar to the self-interest style, but instead of saying how the reader will benefit from the offer, you’re implying it based on how someone else benefitted. This is a good opportunity to present statistics, a case study, or a simple success story in order to build trust and legitimacy.

Example: “Jane went from 1 client to 100 clients in a year…”

6) Offer
This type of subject line might not seem as juicy as some others, but it DOES work. Instead of hinting at the content or promoting the benefit of it, you’re simply naming the offer. It’s that easy. It’s worth noting that this should also be used in moderation, because too many subject lines like this can translate as a lack of personality to your readers.

Example: “[Download] The 5 Best Ways to Book More Clients”

7) Humanity
Just like a story-based subject line, this is a way for your audience to relate to you on a personal level and see you as a real human being. The subject line may not even reference your offer at all, but the appeal to your audience’s emotions can lead them to the offer in a roundabout way.

Example: It’s my birthday today, and I only want one thing…
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3 Responses to 7 Great Email Subject Lines

  1. Alan Hickman says:

    Hi Pamela – Thank you for BEE-ing a beacon light of Making Success Real! Here at Perfect Customers we have discovered that making a connection and building relationship is the first step in making a sale. Subject lines are a perfect way to be creative and imaginative about making a connection.

  2. Ginny says:

    Thank you for this wonderful post! So helpful! Hugs. 🙂

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