90% is not enough

When I’m teaching clients how to sell, I tell them to sit in the pain with their prospective clients. It’s not until someone really feels the pain of their situation that they are motivated to transform their situation, and it’s only then that they become willing to hire from, or buy from you.

That’s what you do with prospective clients. But what about you? What is the area of transformation that you’ve been putting off? Where are you living at 90% (or perhaps only 50%) but not taking action?

This can show up in many ways. In business, for example: Perhaps it’s putting up with not making the money that you know you deserve, but not taking the action to raise your rates or reach more people. This happens when you don’t get the support or training that you need, because that investment would be out of your comfort zone.

Or maybe you’re only living at 90% in your life. You haven’t gotten in shape, or started that eating plan, or you’re still tolerating relationships that don’t support you, or you haven’t cleared the clutter from your home or office… the list can go on and on.

Here are three things to check, to see where you’re still living at less than 100%:

1) You’ve been telling yourself that effort is more important than results.

Imagine a child who is unwilling to put his face in the water trying to swim the length of a pool. He can dog paddle, splashing around using lots of energy, but he won’t get very far very fast, because he’s not willing to do something uncomfortable to move forward fast. For many entrepreneurs, this shows up as being unwilling to invest hundreds of dollars, or a few thousand, in order to make back six figures. If you don’t invest in yourself, you can put in a lot of effort and still get mediocre results. Don’t pat yourself on the back for working hard – instead, figure out what you need to do to get the results

2) You’re tolerating people or situations that don’t serve you.

Maybe it’s friends who encourage you to play small, or habits that keep you from being productive or deeply enjoying life. Maybe you know you need to start exercising or meditating, turn off the TV, or clear the clutter, but it’s just always been that way and it’s too darn much trouble to change. Or perhaps you need to walk away from that ‘friend’ who keeps giving you messages of poverty, lack, and unworthiness. Yes, it’s initially more uncomfortable, but worth the reward.

3) You’re sticking your head in the sand, and completely ignoring a potential problem area.

The big area for most entrepreneurs to ignore is keeping their books, and structuring their business like a business. Getting support from a bookkeeper, accountant, and/or financial advisor can seem boring and unimportant, but it’s VITAL to your success.

Just to be clear – I strongly recommend that you spend time every day celebrating your successes – that’s SO important to continuing to grow and create new success.

But you also need to look at what’s not working, not to beat yourself up or hold yourself back, but as a simple acknowledgement of what’s next for you. It’s not always fun to look at the areas that you need to improve. But once you make a commitment and get into action, you’ll feel great, you’ll be powerful – and you’ll get results.