A Wonderful Book – A Forgiveness Journal by Kristin Robertson

I love this marvelous book! It is a delightful combination of gentle, practical advice on how to forgive, and a workbook to help us do so. Kristin has avoided the problem of so many self-help books – that people read and understand but don’t actually DO the work that is suggested.

First, Kristin walks us through how a ‘grievance story’ is built. As someone who has done a great deal of forgiveness work, I was surprised by how helpful this section was in laying out each step of creating a disempowering reality, a story that actually hurts us far more than the original ‘offender’. She also addresses myths about forgiveness, dispelling the idea that this means ‘condoning behavior’ ‘letting people off the hook’ or ‘repressing feelings’.

Kristin then gives us language to help us understand our feelings, and express them in a way that starts the healing process. The section in the book on connecting with the feelings in our bodies is also excellent.

Finally, using examples, we are led through the forgiveness process, and given an opportunity within the book to forgive seven different events. This book not only demonstrates the importance of forgiveness, but it walks you through gently and respectfully letting go.

For more information, visit www.aforgivenessjournal.com