About Pamela Bruner

I’ve gone from 1 client to a 7 figure business in less than 3 years!

The 5 Most Common Branding Mistakes

Coaches and Healers Make.

And here’s the kicker:

I did this without sacrificing my integrity, my authenticity, or my values.

I want to help you enjoy the same kind of success!

I trained as a business coach and wanted to help people. But I hated marketing and sales, so although I was getting great results with the few clients that I had, I wasn’t making the money, or the difference, that I could make.

I call this my ‘imaginary coaching business’. I called myself a business coach, but had only two clients –

and one of them was coaching for free!

One of the things that I heard continually was folks giving marketing advice saying ‘Just do this, even if you hate doing it because you need to’. This made no sense to me. As a success coach, I was supposed to help people live in integrity with their values!

I plunged in and learned marketing, and created a completely different way to see and do marketing so that instead of being something sleazy and distasteful, it’s actually a wonderful extension of the transformation that you provide.

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