I’ve gone from 1 client to a 7 figure business in less than 3 years!

And here’s the kicker: I did this without sacrificing my integrity, my authenticity, or my values.

I want to help you enjoy the same kind of success!

I trained as a success coach, and wanted to help people. But I hated marketing and sales, so although I was getting great results with the few clients that I had, I wasn’t making the money, or the difference, that I could make.

I call this my ‘imaginary coaching business’.
I called myself a coach, but had only two clients –
and one of them was coaching for free!

One of the things that I heard continually was folks giving marketing advice saying ‘Just do this, even if you hate doing it, because you need to’. This made no sense to me. As a success coach, I was supposed to help people live in integrity with their values!

I plunged in and learned marketing, and created a completely different way to see, and do marketing, so that instead of being something sleazy and distasteful, it’s actually a wonderful extension of the transformation that you provide.

Then I had to use all of my mindset techniques to overcome my fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs about marketing and sales! I had to find a way to make it easy.

‘Make Your Success Real’ was born. I use state-of-the-art mindset tools, including meridian tapping techniques such as EFT to make it easy and fun to do all the things that make business, and life, successful. And so can you!

Since then, I’ve built a mailing list of 15,000
and made many happy fans and followers!

I’m even co-authoring a book on EFT tapping and success with Jack Canfield, co-author of ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’. I’d love to help you achieve this kind of success.

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