All I want for Christmas….is a nap

The holidays are stressful times for entrepreneurs because it’s all about balancing time. Do we figure out who’s bringing Aunt Edna to Christmas dinner, or schedule another client call?  And who’s cooking the turkey this year? There are a hundred extra things to worry about and often our businesses get the short end of the stick.

Maybe you’re thinking that this is the time of year to start winding down and drifting into the new year- after all, a nap would feel glorious right about now. But it’s actually the perfect time to grow your business. Here are a few ways to get past that overwhelm and ensure 2019 starts off on a great note!

Looking Back on Goals of 2018

It may be very difficult to balance strategic planning this time of year with your inner calm and pace. Maybe you’re looking back over the year and thinking about all the things you wanted to accomplish- hitting sales numbers, finishing upgrades around the house, adding new clients, etc. That’s not the mindset to move you forward though since reflection is about self-discovery- focus on what worked for you instead. This will help you strategize around those successes moving into 2019 while clearing your mind and achieving clarity at the same time.

Tip: Look back at what worked with celebration, and how you can do more. Look back at what didn’t work with non-judgement and acceptance, so you learn from it.

Acquiring Clients Around the Holidays

Since everyone has their plates full of to-do’s before the holidays arrive, it may not seem like a good time to approach new clients. It’s actually the perfect time, however, since everyone is gearing up for a great 2019.  Maybe you won’t be able to set any meetings for the week between Christmas and New Year’s and that’s okay- you simply want to set the tone for helping others “Rock in the New Year” and become a part of their long-term strategy.  Calling and sending those emails now will put prospective clients in the right mindset to embrace your wisdom in 2019…and maybe it leads to some appointments in early January.

Take Some Quiet Time for Reflection

Even though you’ll be on the run the next couple of days, it’s equally important for you to set aside some “me time” to reflect on your 2019 strategy and think about what you’ll do differently. What components will you need in 2019 to really start the New Year off right? I’ve actually scheduled three work days on my calendar next week with no appointments- it’s my quiet time to “put on my CEO hat” and really think about my first quarter strategy. This downtime is essential to ensure my vision for 2019 has the best possible chance for success.

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