Are You Playing This Game?

There’s a game you may be playing without even knowing it. It’s a dangerous one and could seriously hurt your business (to say nothing of destroying your personal power.) Most people (me included!) have played it from time to time – the higher the stakes, the more we risk playing the game.

A warning here: don’t read any further if you’re not willing to transform. This COULD be uncomfortable.

What is this game? See if this sounds familiar.

It starts innocently enough. You’re working on some ideas, trying to get traction towards success (business or otherwise.) You’re feeling powerful, doing your best, and have high hopes for success, financial rewards, and feelings of accomplishment.

Then things start getting challenging. You try some new ideas, and they don’t go as well as you hoped. You ask a friend or mentor for advice, and hungrily, desperately seek new answers. You feel embarrassed that you’re not having the success you feel like you should have.

Then you start playing the game. Have you ever said:

“I wasn’t given what I needed.”
“Those ideas weren’t any good.”
“She didn’t support me like she should have.”
“He should have given me more help.”

It’s the Shame/Blame Game. You get ashamed or embarrassed at your lack of success, and start blaming others for your lack of results. It’s so much easier to get angry and look for someone else to blame than it is take responsibility and consider where and how you might transform yourself and your work.

Why is this game so dangerous? Because when you do it, you give away your power.

Look at it this way. When you speak and act as though your success is dependent on you, then you have power. You can look for other alternatives, find new methods of achieving success, and dig down deep inside for wellsprings of creativity.   However, when you blame someone else for your challenges, you give away your power. You’re saying that you don’t have the ability to make things happen the way you want them to. It’s time to take back your power. Stop playing the game. It’s a hard habit to break, but your success is available once you claim responsibility and power.

If you find yourself tempted to play the Shame/Blame game, here’s a tapping routine to use: (Questions about tapping? Visit my Tapping Page LINK)

It’s not my fault.
I’m doing what I was told.
I wasn’t taken care of.
I didn’t get what I needed.
I should have gotten more.
It’s not my fault.
I’m angry at them.
It’s THEIR fault.
I want to blame them.
I can even give evidence about why I should blame them.
I feel helpless.
It’s easier to feel angry than helpless.
I hate feeling helpless.
I wonder if it’s possible
That blaming them doesn’t make me more powerful.
I feel more powerful when I’m angry
But it doesn’t feel good to be angry long-term.
I’m open to a more powerful solution.
I wonder if it’s possible
That I could claim power in this situation?
I might have to take responsibility.
But if I created this situation
Then I have the resources to fix it.
I have the strength, energy and creativity
To improve my situation no matter what.
No one else can slow me down or stop me.
I have the power to make things happen.
I refuse to give away my power
By blaming anyone else.
I won’t play the blame game.
I take back my power.
I declare that I can get results.
I choose to be open to plenty of great ideas
About how to get results, and success now.