Are You Willing to Say ‘Yes’ – to Yourself?

By Pamela Bruner, Business Success Coach


In times of stress, we tend to increase our quota of worry. Whether the stress is caused by finances, family issues or job concerns, stress puts a physical and emotional burden on the system. We’re more likely to get sick, to be upset and to create patterns of behavior that we wouldn’t create in different times. We may get less sleep, work harder and forget to eat or eat poorly. Generally, we treat our bodies and our psyches as though they were lazy servants, saying ‘NO!’ whenever they beg for a little relief.


We do this because we believe that if we just work a little harder, sweat a little more, the stress will diminish. Not true!


When you are experiencing stress for any reason, that’s the time to take BETTER care of yourself – body, mind, and spirit.


Taking care of yourself doesn’t have to be expensive, or terribly time-consuming. A massage is a great thing to receive, but it’s also nice to have a warm, soothing bath. Give yourself permission to escape for 20 minutes a night into the pages of a classic novel (from the library!) Perhaps you don’t really need to spend two hours cleaning the house – how about just 30 minutes, and take a nap instead? Or a walk to enjoy the spring air? If you don’t have time to cook healthy food, don’t stop at the fast food place – go by the deli at the natural food store, and treat yourself to some yummy, nourishing fare.


Stress in life may be inevitable, but you have the ability to help yourself manage it, and lower it, by saying ‘Yes’ to yourself.





Make a list of ways that you like to nurture yourself. Make these as cozy, soothing and fun as you possibly can. Is browsing through a hobby shop your idea of a fun hour? Why not do it over lunch, or on your way home? What would it feel like to give yourself the gift of relaxation? What would it feel like to say ‘YES!’ to yourself?


On your calendar, schedule one nurturing, pampering self-care item per day for the next week. Yes, one a day! Then commit to doing these things. And watch your stress level drop, and your happiness level rise.


Yes, you’re worth it.



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