When I started my coaching business, I dreaded sales. Why couldn’t people just know how I would help them and line up eager to do business with me? (I kid…mostly).

If you asked me back then how I would describe the sales process, I probably would’ve said, “pushy, inauthentic, and… icky.” Sound familiar?

The truth is, for most people in transformational, coaching, and heart-centered businesses, making sales is one of the hardest things you do. As I’ve heard from many clients, sales is, “everything they don’t want to be.” I get it – no one wants to feel like a sleazy, used car salesman.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Making a sale can actually become something you look forward to, instead of something you dread. The skills for making successful sales can be learned, but what really makes a lasting difference is changing your mindset.

How can you change your mindset so making sales is something you do with integrity and compassion? Here are three things that’ll help.

1. Build your confident sales energy. People who ROCK at sales are confident in what they are doing. Figure out what your “Sales Archetype” is, and how you can match your sales style to your personality. Doing this will make it possible to feel inspired, not exhausted, when you start a sales conversation. (And remember, you are selling something you believe in – YOU and your expertise!)

2. Sales does not have to equal sleaze. You know when you walk onto a used car lot, and you are immediately hit up by a salesperson who won’t.leave.you.ALONE? Here’s a secret: You’ll actually significantly increase your conversions if you give your potential clients some breathing room instead of pressuring them to commit right away.

3. Close with compassion and integrity. Selling yourself and your skills can be scary, and it’s easy to be TOO compassionate with your clients – to the point where you are undercharging for your services. You can use compassion and still charge what you are worth. Charging a price that you are honestly comfortable with (and not a price you THINK will get more sales) will actually help your sales feel more authentic and help you handle the close in a calmer way.

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