Biggest Business Fear

Do those big business fears ever make you feel paralyzed?
I’ll never make it.
I have to get going, now!
I’m overwhelmed.
What do I do next?

They certainly affect me that way, sometimes. And tapping can help.

Here is a powerful, short tapping exercise that you can pull out anytime those business fears get too big.

It’s only 2 minutes long, but it’s packed with great stuff! It’s from my live event ‘Transform’ and after a bunch of people shared their fears, we tapped.

Use it when your biggest business fear is raring up:
When you’re afraid you’ll fail
When you’re afraid you’ll succeed
When you feel like you have to have it all done RIGHT NOW

So before you press play, identify your biggest business fear. Get specific, and take a look at it. How intense is it? Ready to tap?