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All I want for Christmas is a nap

All I want for a nap The holidays are stressful times for entrepreneurs because it’s all about balancing time. Do we figure out who’s bringing Aunt Edna to Christmas dinner, or schedule another client call?  And who’s cooking the turkey this year?...

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3 Ways to Fight Impostor Syndrome

3 Ways to Fight Impostor Syndrome Here’s a question I get a lot from new coaches… “How can I overcome feeling like an impostor?” Wow, right? That’s a biggie. In my experience in working with thousands of transformational entrepreneurs, this feeling shows up in all...

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The 4 Distinct Brand Flavors

The 4 Distinct Brand Flavors (and how to use them to create an irresistible brand)Remember when you were a kid, learning about the 4 basic flavors – sweet, salty, bitter, and sour? Everything you ate fell into one of these 4 categories – and you could tell them apart...

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