Blogs, Podcasts, Webinars: which to do, and when?
Pamela Bruner, CEO, Business Coach, Author
8 May 2018
You want to share your message, and attract the people you’re meant to serve.

With the overwhelming number of options available to share your message, it can be confusing to know which to do.  Blog? Newsletter? Social Media post? Start a podcast? Offer a webinar?

Want to know which of these 3 may be right for you, and when to do them? Check them out below.


If you love to speak, and you express yourself well that way, a podcast can be a terrific vehicle for sharing your message. You can start a podcast just to put out content, but podcasts do take a huge amount of time to make, produce, and get listeners.

You want to produce a podcast

  1. when you already have an audience for the podcast, or
  2. you have a way to develop the audience for your podcast.

You must drive traffic to the podcast in order for it to work as a client-attraction method. If you just produce a podcast and put it on the web, it’s very much like putting a billboard in the middle of a forest.

If you’re just starting out, focus your time on more immediate client-generating methods, and save the podcast for the next level of your business.

“If you love to speak, and you express yourself well that way, a podcast can be a terrific vehicle for sharing your message.”


While many people start blogs as a sort of online, public diary, a blog that you write for business should have these characteristics:

  1. Focus 
    • Your blog should be built around solving the problems of your ideal clients. You can create blog posts by listening to the questions your clients ask, or by asking yourself ‘What are the most common challenges facing my ideal clients?
  2. Consistency
    • If you’re going to advertise a blog, post to it consistently. Once a week is optimal, but twice monthly or even monthly is acceptable as long as it’s regular. That way, your readers know what to expect.
  3. CTA
    • A CTA is a ‘call to action’; it’s an invitation to your client to take action. This might be an invitation to schedule a call with you, download information, or share a comment on social media. You always want to have a CTA in each blog post, so your ideal clients get used to being invited to take action.

So when do you start a blog?

As soon as you start building a list. When you have an email list that you want to correspond with, you can start writing your blog, and sharing it with your readers on a regular basis. You can also start a video blog if you prefer to connect by video. Hint:You don’t need a newsletter AND a blog – your blog can double as your newsletter. 🙂

You can start a blog fairly early on in your business.


A webinar is a wonderful method to educate and inspire ideal clients to want to work with you. A great webinar that makes clients want to say ‘yes’ to your services requires these things:

  1. Careful structure
    • In order to have a webinar attract clients, it has to be organized not just to teach but also to inspire action. This takes careful structure, and usually some training in webinar construction.
  2. A great script
    • While you may use an outline rather than a script, you want to make sure that what you say has been carefully crafted to keep people in their seats and by their computers. It’s easy to walk away from a webinar, compared to leaving a live talk.
  3.  Compelling slides
    • The visual is SO important. You need images that are compelling and brand-congruent.
  4. Purchase system
    • When you offer something for sale on your webinar, how will your ideal client purchase? Having that system set up is the key to success. Even if you’re ‘selling’ consultations, you’ll still need an easy way for people to say yes to your invitation.
  5. A big audience
    • Because only 1 in 5 people show up on a webinar they’ve registered for, you need to have a large audience in order to get good results when you offer your webinar. If your webinar is good, you’ll sell to about 5-10% of the people who show up live on your webinar. When you do the math, you can see this means you need a big audience!

So when do you start a blog?

Given these needs, it can be a good idea to develop your message through talks, live video (like Facebook Live) or other more immediate feedback platforms that don’t require so much setup. Once you’ve built a list, or audience, your webinars can be much more effective.

Interested in knowing more?

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