Bring a breath of fresh air into your business

As entrepreneurs, our businesses tend to change rapidly. Sometimes we outgrow parts of what we’re doing and forget to upgrade to reflect our new level of business.

Holding on to the old, whether it’s in the physical environment, your support system, or your mental/emotional realm, will hold you back from the success that you’re striving for. Here are some areas that you’ll want to look at, and make sure that your business is current.

Physical environment

  • Does your office environment support the work you’re doing?
  • Do you have an adequate desk, computer, phone system, fax, and printer?
  • Do you have enough light to feel joyous in the space?
  • Are you still looking at decorations that are out-of-date, for example, the nursery school wallpaper from the grown childrens’ room that you’ve converted to an office?

Make a list of all the changes/improvements you’d like to make to your working space. You don’t have to accomplish them overnight, but being intentional about your workspace gives you the subconscious message that you have a real business.


  • Do you dress to support the level of success that you have envisioned?
  • Does your physical appearance match your image of success?

Although a new wardrobe can be pricey, getting one or two new outfits that say ‘success!’ to you can be invaluable. When you wear them, you’ll feel more confident, and that will translate into attracting more and better clients.

Support System

  • Are you still doing all the administrative tasks in your business by yourself?
  • Are you trying to learn technical tasks that are not your area of expertise?
  • Do you need support in household chores in order to have more energy for your business?

Look into outsourcing certain tasks. You can use a VA (virtual assistant) for ezine production, email support, customer care and more. A nearby college student might run errands and do data entry for you.

Mental/Emotional Realm

  • Do you still stumble when people ask you what you do?
  • Do you feel like a fraud, or an imposter, when you talk about your business?
  • Do you think of yourself as a successful entrepreneur, or as someone who’s struggling?

You need to adjust your mindset to where you’re going, not where you are now, and certainly not where you’ve been! Start thinking of yourself now as having the success level that you’ve created as an intention for this year.

For example, ‘I’m a six-figure coach.’ Use EFT tapping to overcome any limiting beliefs that keep you from this mindset.

When you begin living into the future that you envision, by upgrading your physical environment, image, support system, and mental realm, the world will reflect back your success.