Bumper Car or Sports Car?

Is your business set up for you to be powerful?

In business, some days are better than others.

On some days, you feel like you can take on the world. You’re in the flow. You’re connecting with new partners, with clients, and everything feels right in your world. And somedays, it’s not that way. You lose a client. You send the wrong email to your list. You feel overwhelmed with your to-do list. You wonder why you ever thought that you could be in business in the first place.

Congratulations! You’ve probably set your business up to be powerful.

You see, when you set up your business to require the best of you – your utmost creativity, perseverance, focus and drive, there will be sometimes when you just don’t feel up to it. Days when you’re not at your best, and your business is asking for something you don’t feel like delivering.

However, if you set up your business to achieve mediocre results, you will still be in the flow sometimes, when things are moving slowly. But then on days when you’re feeling high-power and unstoppable you’ll feel, well… bored. Unfulfilled. Like there is far more that you could be doing, more of a difference you could be making.

It’s like the difference between a child’s bumper car, and a high-performance sports car. Which one would you rather drive? Yes, sometimes it may be nice to kick back and hang out in a bumper car. It’s low-stress, you can’t really hurt yourself, but you’re sure not going to get very far! A sports car, on the other hand, demands a lot of the driver. But the ride is SO worth it.