You have great gifts to share – You love working with your clients and helping them live their best lives. You know it’s your purpose.

But… sometimes it would be nice to just hit the “Easy” button, right?

Hit that and clients just magically appear in your life, eager to work with you (and give you their money!)

You see stuff all the time about ‘automated systems’ and how they help you attract clients easily. You also know that if something SOUNDS too good to be true…

Here’s the truth. Automated systems CAN really work and be a HUGE help in expanding your client reach. But (there’s always a but, isn’t there? 🙂 you have to put in some work upfront to get them running the way you need, and it has to be the RIGHT work (or you can hire someone to do it!)

If you’re willing to invest the time, there are 5 pieces you need for a *truly* automated system to attract your ideal clients.

The 5 components you need:

    1. Build a ‘funnel’ of potential clients. Your freebies (we say lead magnets) give them a taste of your expertise and make them eager for more. It’s a delicate balance – you don’t want to give away too many of your secrets, or overwhelm people with too much information, but it needs to have value for your leads.


    1. Follow up on those leads! Someone (hopefully lots of someones!) just signed up for your freebie – that’s great! They’re interested in what YOU have to offer. So don’t let that opportunity go to waste. Follow up with emails, texts, and other cool ways you can engage them and get them interested in something else. (You’re going to want to join my Facebook Live program to learn more about this – fun stuff to share!)


    1. Turning leads into customers. This is where you convert leads into your ideal clients. You might offer a free strategy session, or host a webinar, or even send out a video sales letter – something that gets them engaged, gives them SOME tools they need to solve a problem – but the only way to get ALL of your expertise is to become a client.


    1. Ads that get noticed. This is where your ideal client toolkit actually starts. The best freebies, funnels, followups and conversions only work if you have ads that are putting your work in front of your ideal client. You need to let people know you’re here AND that you have the solution they need for their problem.
      You need ads that make people stop scrolling – and pay attention! Your ad has to catch their eye and intrigue them enough to click your link.


  1. Delivering the goods and selling more. Woohoo! You’re turning leads into clients. Wow them with your knowledge, your delivery, your customer service. Make them want to keep coming back for more and stay on with you as a client (and tell their friends!). Now the process starts all over again – ready to put out new ads? 🙂

Where are you in this process? Does this still feel confusing?

If so, Register for my first Facebook Live program tomorrow – and while you’re at it, send me one of the freebies you’re currently using. I’ll give you some honest (but gentle, don’t worry!) feedback about what’s working and what’s not. It’s a great opportunity for some free feedback from me, and get started on YOUR automated system!