Care and Feeding for your Dreams

Dreams are fragile things. They are birthed like butterflies, from splashes of colorful inspiration. If they aren’t given attention, they will fade and die, forgotten, very quickly.

However, there are other ways to destroy dreams. If your dreams are important to you, you want to make sure that you have adequate care and feeding in place, so your dreams not only live, but thrive. That they become the biggest expression that they can be – and YOU become the biggest expression of your dream, purpose and vision that you can be.

Here are a list of dream-killers:

1) Telling the wrong person about your dream. We all know there are people in our lives who encourage us, and those who feel it is their sworn duty to point out possible pitfalls in any plan. Tell your dream only to those who will encourage you, or keep it to yourself until it feels stronger.

2) Not giving your dream enough nourishment. Dreams are nourished with time – time spent thinking about them, brainstorming, researching, mindmapping, and visualizing. If you have a stellar idea, but don’t give it time, it will starve.

3) Pursuing too many dreams. Most transformational entrepreneurs have more dreams than they can possibly bring to fruition. It doesn’t mean you can’t have those dreams, but you can only pursue so many at one time, especially if your dream involves building a business. Write down all your dreams, give them a little mental exploration, but choose the ones that you will pursue with passion, time, attention and energy. Put the others in hibernation. If they’re important, they’ll come out later.

4) Trying to do your dream alone. When you’re ready to tell the world about your dream, enroll others to help you bring it to life. Having support in implementing your dream, whether it’s from a coach, a mastermind, a volunteer group of enthusiastic supporters, or an accountability partner can mean the difference between having it happen, or having it just be a long-ago idea.

So tell people who will support you, give your dreams time and attention, focus on the few that you really want to bring out, and you’ll manifest the business and life you’ve always dreamed of!