Pamela Bruner, CEO, Business Coach, USA

25 Jan 2018

Attracting your ideal clients never seems easy, does it?

Sometimes you get desperate, and your definition of ideal client becomes ‘anyone with a credit card, and a pulse.’

Seriously, you want better clients than that, and you can have them – if you know where to look.

Attracting your ideal clients really depends on two things (and using them the right way). One works better offline, and the other works better online….

The two things? Charisma, and message.

Let me explain.

Attracting your ideal clients never seems easy, does it?

If you have great charisma – if people flock to you when you walk in a room, if they throw credit cards at you when you talk about your business (yep, it happens) – then finding clients “in the real world” (AKA face to face, or offline) will be easier for you.

Use your charisma to your advantage and do more of these things:

  • Networking. I know – the term isn’t something most people like, but it’s really just connecting one-on-one and learning what people need. You charismatic types rock at that!
  • Speaking gigs. People love listening to you, and you know how to capture (and hold!) a crowd’s attention. This is a great way to share some of your expertise AND pitch your high-ticket programs to an eager audience. You can learn more about the best way to create high-ticket offers here.
  • Asking for referrals. When people connect with you, it’s natural for them to think of people they know who might also benefit from your gifts. Don’t be shy – ask them if they know someone who might like your transformational work!

“If people flock to you when you walk in a room then finding clients “in the real world” will be easier for you.”

Use your charisma to your advantage

If you have a super-clear, client-attracting message: When you can explain what you do succinctly, and people typically respond with, “I know someone who needs that!” then you’ve perfected your message. That makes it easier to set up an automated system to attract clients online.

You want to focus on these things:

  • Having multiple offers and programs, at different price points. Because it can take longer to nurture relationships online, you want low-ticket offers that are an easy entry for new clients, and then ease them into higher-dollar programs 🙂
  • Developing strong marketing language, and focusing on specific pain points and the benefits that your work offers. To do this, get really clear on your exact ideal client. When you can talk about the things they the most struggle with (and how you can help!), they’ll be interested in clicking on your ads.
  • A results-based brand. Transformation is all about the results your client’s experience, so you want to make sure your brand is centered around that. Want to know how to do that? Click here for something that might help.

Charisma and message aren’t mutually exclusive, and the most successful people in the transformation space use both to their advantage.

This can include creating engaging videos, going to some networking events, and setting up a funnel that attracts clients online.

If that last part sounds like your next step, I’m hosting a special webinar next week on my biggest secrets to attract clients 24/7 (so clients are pouring in even while you’re sleeping, taking a vacation, or working with your existing clients!).

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