Connecting, Plugging in, and Unplugging

You’ve probably read articles about how important it is to ‘unplug’ from your business. It’s true, you need to ‘unplug’ – that means take time to relax and unwind so that you come back refreshed, recharged, and ready to be creative.

This last weekend, I knew that I needed to catch up on work, and I spent a chunk of the afternoon working on tasks for my upcoming events. I wasn’t yet finished with my list when my entire being said ‘Enough!’ I couldn’t think any more, didn’t feel creative, and had to stop. I gave myself the rest of the afternoon and evening off, and finished the tasks very quickly the next morning. I know that if I had pushed through, I would have struggled for hours and not gotten good results.

Unplugging at that point was really important.

‘Connecting’ is something that transformational entrepreneurs do frequently. This means connecting with God, Source, Spirit, the divine, or however you relate to a higher power. You also can connect with your inner self, or higher self, or your intuition to see what course of action resonates with you.

What’s often overlooked is the need to plug in. Plugging in is when you connect with a source of energy, inspiration, and creativity outside of you for your business. Plugging in is often misunderstood. It’s not about reading a blog in your business arena, or listening to another teleclass. Those are important, but they aren’t plugging in.

Here are some great ways to plug in:
1) Join a mastermind or other community so you’re regularly interacting with others.
2) Go to a live event where your peers are gathering, so you can connect with and bounce ideas off others.
3) Attend an event or training outside of your area of expertise, so you get a completely new set of ideas and viewpoints, and you see how a new industry or association generates results.
4) Have a regular ‘Share and Celebrate’ dinner or phone call with a fellow transformational entrepreneur so you can share wins and encourage each other.

By balancing the unplugging, the connecting, and the plugging in, you’ll get all the energy and creative input you need to be most effective in your business.