Creating Consistent Payoffs

“When will the money show up?”

It can be frustrating when you’re working to build your transformational business. You start putting yourself out there, trying to market, learning to sell from a heart-centered place of service, and handling all the administrative tasks that pile up. All the time, you’re wondering how long all this work will take to pay off.

“What am I doing wrong?”

There are some basic, foundational things you need to have in your business in order to make it successful and sustainable. If you don’t have these, you will be able to make a few dollars, but you’ll always be scrambling for cash, and wondering why your business never seems to have traction.

Here are critical, foundational elements:

1) Target Market – you must be targeting one specific group of people for whom you solve a specific problem. If you’re trying to sell your modality (for example, “I’m an EFTer!”) you’ll always under-earn.
2) Distinctive Brand – this is more than just a logo. This is the unique defining piece that sets you apart from others who do similar things. It’s partly visual, partly verbal, and partly experiential. One good question to ask yourself is ‘What experience do I want my clients to remember?’
3) Clear Marketing Message – what are the specific pains and challenges that your target market experiences? What specific benefits do you provide? When you have a crystal clear message, your ideal clients find you more easily, and more likely to say yes to you.
4) Transformational Package – are you still selling single sessions? If so, you’re working harder than you need to, and constantly having to get your clients to re-commit to working with you. Create packages that enhance commitment from your clients, and allow you to charge what you’re worth.
5) Selling from the Heart – can you have a sales conversation with a prospective client that is comfortable, and comes from a place of service? If not, you’re probably struggling and feeling sleazy each time you talk to a new client, and that will limit your income.

Take a close look at your business, and see if you’re doing each of these critical elements. That’s the first step to creating consistent payoffs in your business. Next week, we’ll talk about creating the internal mental elements that lead to the payoff.