Declaring your tribe

One of the main differences between a transformational BUSINESS and a transformational hobbyist is that the business owner has declared a Tribe.

A Tribe is a specific group of people you serve, who have a specific problem to which you provide a solution.

I know many struggling would-be business owners who say ‘But I can help everyone!’ or ‘I help people get unstuck’ or ‘I help people achieve their goals’. But these are too vague – without a clear Tribe, you have the following issues:

1) People don’t understand what you do, so they don’t pursue your services.
2) Others can’t recommend you, because they can’t easily describe what you offer.
3) No one can find you on the Web, because no one is searching for ‘help getting unstuck.’

I know that there are many fears to declaring a Tribe, and picking a Tribe is one of the biggest challenges for those who want to create a service-based business around helping others. So here’s a list of questions to ask yourself when you’re trying to pick a Tribe.

1) What specific group of people has a big challenge that I am qualified to help them with?

2) Are they currently looking for help with this challenge?

3) Are they willing to pay for that help?

4) Do I know how to find and communicate with this group?

5) Am I, or was I one of the group (or do I have a family member who was, so that I’m very familiar with all the aspects of their challenge?)

6) Do I present as a good messenger for this message? (I may not have it all figured out, but I’ve achieved some success in this arena.)

If you can’t answer yes to most or all of these, you don’t yet have a Tribe that will allow you to grow a successful, thriving business. Your assignment is to declare your Tribe, and create the message around that Tribe that will enable you to clearly and effectively share your work with the world.