EFT for Caregivers

A couple of months ago, I was an exhibitor at the Upstate Women’s Show in Greenville, SC. I talked to people about life coaching and EFT, Musical Soul Portraits, and my harp CDs. I was amazed at the number of women who are actively in the caregiver role. Women tend to be caregivers of our children and spouses. In addition, more and more women are caring for older parents, siblings, or are employed in the ever-growing caregiver industry as our population ages. While this work can be rewarding, it also has a high level of stress and burn-out.

Practicing good self-care is a great way to reduce stress, prevent burn-out, and ultimately better support those we care for. Here are some tips for caregivers, and an EFT tapping routine to help.

Tips for caregivers:

1) Take time each day just for yourself, even if it’s 15 minutes (an hour is better!) Use this time for a nurturing activity, such as walking in nature, meditating, taking a bubble bath, or listening to music.

2) Ask for support from others – don’t think that you have to do it all yourself.

3) Give your body nutritious food. It’s much more nurturing than junk food!

4) Remember to get adequate rest. Stress, anger, and other negative emotions are much more powerful when you’re tired.

5) Use EFT on the resistance to self-care, and other negative emotions or disempowering beliefs.

Tapping Tip for Caregivers:

(For a complete explanation of the EFT procedure, download the EFT basics guide on my What is EFT? page. A more thorough description of the Choices method is also in my blog.)


Even though I don’t feel that I can take time for myself, I choose to know that great self-care serves me and the world better. Even though I resent that I have to take care of _____, I choose to accept myself and my feelings.

Even though this seems so hard sometimes, I choose to allow myself to find a way to make it easier.

Reminder phrases:

I can’t take time for myself
This is so hard
I resent that I have to do this
I don’t have any time to myself
It’s not right to care for myself when I have to care for ____
I’m angry that I have to do this
This feels so hard
I don’t have any time for myself

I choose to know that great self-care is better for me and the
people I care for

I choose to accept myself and my feelings
I choose to accept help from others
I choose to find surprising new ways to make it easier
I choose to accept myself and my feelings
I choose to take time for myself
I choose to find time to take care of myself
I choose to love myself first

Happy tapping!

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