EFT with the Choices Method

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is a powerful tool for working through your life’s blocks quickly. And it’s easy for most people to use. There is an art to EFT, though, that can dramatically increase its effectiveness – using EFT with the Choices method is one element of that art.

In a regular EFT setup phrase, the structure is

Even though I have (this problem), I deeply and completely accept myself.

The EFT with Choices method changes the second half of that statement to a specifically worded affirmation beginning with ‘I choose’. Here’s why:

For some people, the phrase I deeply and completely accept myself is problematic – they don’t feel authentic when they say it, which interferes with the treatment.

Also, in some situations, a more specific positive affirmation might be more useful:

Even though I have this fear of public speaking, I choose to feel calm and confident when speaking in front of groups.

Notice that the Choices statement ‘I choose to feel calm and confident ‘ is different from a traditional affirmation ‘I am calm and confident ‘. This is effective in two ways.

One, the traditional affirmation states ‘I am’ in a way that can raise objections in the conscious mind, such as ‘No, I’m not!’ Instead, saying ‘I choose’ can bypass this objection.

Two, the act of choosing is a powerful act, and in the words of Pat Carrington, the creator of the Choices method: ‘The person making a choice is exercising their will, deciding on and committing to a course of action. I have found that this freely entered into commitment can have a powerful influence on the desired result, often making it more likely to be obtained. ‘

Using the Choices Method

After creating the setup statement, the acupoints are tapped while a ‘reminder phrase’ is repeated. (For more information, please see my What is EFT? Page, and the ‘EFT Basics’ document.) In regular EFT, the reminder phrase relates to the ‘problem’.

Reminder phrases might include ‘this headache’, ‘this fear of public speaking’, ‘this craving for chocolate’, etc.

With the Choices method, two rounds of tapping are completed, one with the negative reminder phrase, and another with a positive reminder phrase based on the Choice statement.

For example:
Even though I have this fear of public speaking, I choose to feel calm and confident when speaking in front of groups.

One round of tapping, with the reminder phrase

Fear of public speaking
A second round of tapping, with the reminder phrase
I choose to feel calm and confident in front of groups

The negative trigger (this problem) becomes linked to the positive choice, emotionally and energetically. When the ‘trigger’ occurs (for example, thinking of giving a speech), the Choice also is triggered (a calm, confident feeling).

This powerful association can help quickly retrain emotions, habits, and attitudes – even ones that have been around for years!

The wonderful thing about EFT is that you can do this yourself! If you need help getting started, call me. After having a session with an EFT life coach, you’ll have experience tapping in a way that will truly empower you!

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