Finding New Ways to Give Thanks

On Monday, November 5th, my husband Dave and I were enjoying a 24-hour vacation. I’d just spent the weekend teaching and coaching at the Liturgical Harp Retreat in the mountains of northern Georgia, and we’d decided to stay on an extra day to enjoy some hiking. While we were hiking, my mom called (forgot to turn off that cell phone!) and told us that one of the bathrooms in our house had flooded, and half of our house had gotten water damage, including our office.

The damage wasn’t bad – mostly it would just mean half-a-house-full of new carpet. But for over a week, our house had plastic draped in it, and loud fans blowing, trying to dry everything out. I don’t care for loud noises, but was committed to seeing how I could ‘reframe’ this event to be grateful for it.

The first, and easy one, was that I would get new carpet for almost no money. OK, that’s great, but I wasn’t about to stop there. After all, this was inconvenient and stressful (at the time I write this, new carpet and the return of furniture to its rightful rooms is at least two weeks away). I wanted to make sure that I got every bit of ‘good stuff’ out of this!

I noticed that the unaffected rooms had a couple of small piles of clutter in them, and since I could do nothing in the water-logged rooms, I cleaned those up. I noticed how much more peaceful I felt in a room that was complete, rather than one that had even a small mess. I’m grateful for this realization – I never knew before the psychic load that I was carrying from small piles of clutter. It feels easier to breathe in those rooms now. I also realized that this is a metaphor for parts of my life in which I have ‘a bit of cleanup’ to do, and now I can lighten my emotional energy needs in those ways too!

This is feeling pretty good – I’m getting pretty grateful for this event.

I also knew, almost from hearing about the damage, that I had needed to clean out the office, physically and energetically. It wasn’t nearly as fun a room to work in as my studio, where I coach and teach. So I look forward to re-creating the office in a way that supports my spirit, and the business, and I know that’s going to translate into better flow, more ease, and more business, as well!

Obviously, I wasn’t going to clean up this ‘stuff’ in my life on my own, or I would have taken too long to do it. Since I always ask the Universe to give me what I need, I’m grateful for this event as a gift, complete with opportunities, awareness, a new sense of peace, and the new carpet, too!

In what areas of your life do you have challenges that you might be able to reframe? Even if you don’t know how, or what to think, just the willingness to move in the direction of gratitude will bring huge rewards. If I can help, contact me. I look forward to supporting you in looking at your life and saying ‘What a wonderful gift!’

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