Here’s my top 10

Going to conferences, workshops, and other live events can feel challenging. They take planning, time, energy and money. So why not stay home? In these days of virtual classes, social media connections, and video introductions, do we really need to get there in-person?

I believe that live events are a vitally important part of growing a successful business. Done right, they can be a veritable gold mine! Below you’ll find my ‘Top 10 list’ for getting the most out of an event: a list of why to go, and what to do when you get there so you can make the most of these terrific opportunities.

Why you need to go:

1) You need to get out of your house (and your old patterns) to build your business. If you spend your days in your office, behind your computer, you won’t get the mind-expanding, creativity-enhancing benefits of new surroundings and different people. Your brain will start running in ruts, and that will hurt your ability to respond quickly and creatively to new business situations.

2) Great networking. Despite social media and virtual connections, there is nothing like a face-to-face meeting to create a connection that you can leverage in your business. You can not only meet others, you can get a feeling for someone much better in person, and what they will be like to work with. It also gives you an opportunity to ‘reset your energy’ around networking to be more positive.

3) JV partnerships and business alliances. Like networking in general, connecting with potential partners over lunch, or coffee on a break is just easier.

4) New clients. If your target market is attending a conference, workshop, or other event – go there. It’s an easy way to connect with lots of people in your market, and make connections that you can follow up after the event for future business.

5) New ideas. At most conferences, unless you’re new in an industry, you’re likely to hear many ideas that you are already familiar with. However, you may hear them in a new way, or consider them in a new light. And then there is that one gem that leads to tens of thousands of new business, that you just wouldn’t have picked up any other way.

What to Do When You Get There:

6) Go with an intention. Make up your mind before you go what you’d like to get out of the event. Be open to being pleasantly surprised by other benefits, though.

7) Focus on being of service to others. Everyone’s usually looking out for themselves at an event, so if you are constantly asking people what they need, and what they are looking for, you’ll be memorable as very helpful.

8) Always have your business cards, and a pen. Then you can jot notes on other people’s cards as you receive them, or write helpful tips on your own card as you hand it out.

9) Pace yourself, and take care of your body. Although it’s tempting to party when you’re out of town, getting good sleep and eating reasonable food will allow you to have the most energy for both learning and connecting with people.

10) Follow up with people after you return home. Drop people an email offering your free gift, and telling them how much you enjoyed meeting them. (NOTE: Don’t put them on your emailing list uninvited- that’s spam.)

Going to live events can create a huge surge of new life in your business. I built my business by going to live events around the country – I found my first 2 JV partners at my first event, before I even had my business card! Plan to go to at least one, or several, every year. Transform  is a great one to attend for business strategy and lots of eft tapping.