How can I make it easier?

Everyday millions of business owners are groaning ‘Running a business is SO hard!’

Are you one of them?

I’ve said many times that building a business is like enrolling in the graduate school of personal growth. All your ‘stuff’ comes up to be dealt with, and it will sabotage you if you don’t work on it and through it. But does that mean business has to be hard? And what can we do about it?

You can actually make running your business easier. Below are some common business complaints. Which ones resonate with you? Use the possibilities provided, or brainstorm your own, to bring ease to these types of situations.

Problem: Business activities feel like a struggle! (especially marketing and sales.)
Make it Easier: 95% of our struggle in business comes from fighting ourselves. Identifying what actually feels hard can help you create a plan to overcome it. So if you can zero in on a feeling like ‘I don’t want to pick up the phone and call people about working with me’ then you can work to reinterpret the situation to empower yourself, or use EFT tapping on it to create ease around it. (For example, at one point I referred back to a two-month period as ‘very hard’ although it had been very successful. When I looked at that, I realized that I had been afraid every day that it wouldn’t be successful. If I hadn’t been afraid, it would have been a much easier time. I had created most of the ‘hard’ part myself!)

Problem: Worrying about money all the time is stressful.
Make it Easier: You can take a two-sided approach to this problem. One side is to focus on the activities that are best at generating cash. This means getting out and talking to people, asking for business, networking, speaking, and asking for referrals. Leave the longer-term strategies like writing articles for later when money is more stable. Also, work on removing your worries. Worrying isn’t a productive activity – it drains your energy and distracts you from focusing on important business activities.

Problem: It always takes more work and time to do something than I thought.
Make it Easier: Much of the reason that any worthwhile project is seen as hard is that we hugely underestimate the amount of work it will take. Then, when confronted with that work, all we want to do is rebel. Expect that everything you undertake will take 10 times the amount of effort you initially believe it will. Prepare to put in that much effort, and you’ll be very pleased with your results. (Thanks to the book ‘The 10X Rule’ by Grant Cardone for this idea.)

When you change your perceptions around your business activity, you get more done, you make more money, and you enjoy yourself so much more!