[Grace & Ease] How fast can you shift?



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4 Responses to [Grace & Ease] How fast can you shift?

  1. Great share, so important, so thank you. In the heat of the moment,we’re likely responding from the non-creative, survival part of our brain. At least that’s my excuse lol! May I add a trick to this? It needs to be a habit if we’re to do it when under stress, and taking a deep breath is an easy habit to create for these situations. So the next step I add is sensing where the Gremlin is showing up in my body – Headache? Stomach? Shoulders? Another deep breath with our focus on that location, and it’s easy to see/hear what the Gremlin is saying so we can thank them as we notice the emotion lesson or dissipate completely. If this sounds familiar, it is a RIM method tool. BTW, I’ve used tapping and RIM with amazing results! Love getting your emails, thanks for your great work!

  2. Robin Brock says:

    I am totally loving these Grace and Ease posts! Thank you Pamela. I look forward to them. Such valuable chunks of information and so easy to work them into real life. Thank you so much. 🙂

    • Pamela Bruner says:

      Robin, you’re very welcome! Consider joining our community… there is a wealth of practical, tested information being taught and thrown around between us all. Learn more about what I am talking about here.