How Gratitude Can Help Your Business

If you’ve been on a path of personal growth for longer than 5 minutes, you already know about the power of gratitude. It’s an instant mood-lifter, better than anything you can ingest, absolutely f*r*e*e, and you can’t take too much of it.

So why don’t more people use it?

Because our wonderful rational minds are used to evaluating and discerning, especially when we’re working on problems (like ‘how do I build my business?’) We’re not in the right frame of mind when we’re doing that to experience gratitude. Gratitude takes a shift from judgement into acceptance, a reframe from ‘what’s not working’ to ‘what is working’, and then a further step into ‘thank you’!

Why would you want to make this shift?

  1. When you begin to focus on what is working, you can use that awareness to strategically create more of what’s working.
  2. When you are thankful for what’s working, you feel great. More abundant. And that energy is a client magnet!

So this week, try something new. Look at each aspect of your business, and if it’s working, say ‘thank you’. If you perceive it as not working, ask yourself ‘what can I learn, or how can I grow from this?’ and ‘is there a way to interpret this as a blessing?’ Then say ‘thank you’ for that awareness.

I created a video on using gratitude to attract more clients (it’s one of my most popular videos) and you can watch it here:

Be grateful!