How My Dog Changed My Business

I was at an event recently designed to help entrepreneurs build seven-figure businesses. Since I’ve been structuring my business for seven figures in 2011, I was paying close attention to many of the great ideas being presented.

Something stumped me, though – I didn’t feel like I was completely motivated to make seven figures. I’ve always been motivated by wanting to make a difference in the world, and I knew that having a successful business was one of the best ways to do that. And then the speaker, Suzanne Evans (a mentor of mine), mentioned her dogs, and that changed everything.

You see, my dog Kaylee had gone in that morning for surgery. Her knee was causing her so much pain that she was having trouble walking and lying down. She’s still a young dog, so the surgery would give her years of freedom of movement and quality of life. And the surgery was several thousand dollars. Two years ago, I wouldn’t have had the freedom to choose that surgery for her. I would have had to put her down to relieve her pain.

My recent business success has blessed me with the ability to make a different choice. I don’t ever want to have to make a choice like that based on lack of resources. I want to ALWAYS have the resources to care for my family.

Realizing that has given me a very different motivation. It’s what I call a ‘Money Why’ – a reason that you want to make the money you want to make. Figuring out your ‘Money Why’ will actually help you attract more.

Here’s your assignment:
1) Write down your ‘money why’ items. What do you want to do, and how much will it cost?

2) Do you feel in alignment and comfortable with everything on your list? Or do you feel like you’re being greedy, or that you don’t want very much?

(Hint: It’s OK to want things in your life that you enjoy!) You’ll want to try some tapping if you can’t allow yourself to dream big.

3) Look at your business model. Is it capable of accomplishing that?

Having a ‘Money Why’ is as important as having a business plan. Implement this important step, so you can accelerate your success!

Email me and let me know your ‘Money Why’ items, and if you feel guilty, greedy, or uncomfortable with them. That will sabotage your success, and you’ll need to do some work to be in alignment with your list. I’ll be providing a resource to help all those who email me, so get your answers in!