How to Clear Years of Blocks

When you’re working on clearing your blocks, fears, and limiting beliefs, sometimes it feels like you’ve arrived. You feel confident, powerful, and successful.

And sometimes it feels like you’ll never get to the end of the list. There are SO many challenges, so many fears, you wonder if it’s even worth it to work and tap on yourself.

If you take the approach that you want to clear decades of blocks in just 30 minutes, you’re likely to be disappointed. While I’ve certainly been both the recipient and the practitioner in a few ‘one-minute wonders’ the reality is that most personal growth work takes more time than that. So here’s the approach that will REALLY create great results in your business, and your life:

1) Make a commitment, and a routine, of tapping every day so that you are constantly clearing what’s not working in your life. If you find when you sit down to tap that you have nothing to tap on, keep a running list of bigger issues that you can tackle any time. For example, I sit down and tap every morning before I meditate. Sometimes I tap for 5 minutes, and sometimes for 25 minutes (I usually reduce my meditation then, but it’s worth it.) I seldom run out of things to tap on, because there are always new challenges triggering me as I step out in my business. However, I have a few long term items like ‘remove fear of heights’ that I’ll get to if I ever run out of current business issues.

2) Begin to celebrate when blocks show up. The only way that you can clear issues is if they present themselves. Otherwise, they usually stay beneath the surface and sabotage you quietly. Say to yourself – ‘Wow, I’m glad that issue presented so clearly. Now I can put it on my list, and clear it for good.’

3) Forgive yourself immediately for not being perfect, and still having issues to work through. You’re not meant to be ‘done’ – people who have everything solved would be boring, and those who pretend to… well, they’re just annoying. It’s truly a sign of a transformational human being to acknowledge your successes, and your challenges.

You can try this tapping routine to get yourself in the place for constant improvement. (Not sure of the tapping points? View a video here.)

I feel like there is so much to clear.
I’ll never clear all of these blocks.
How can I ever succeed with all of these blocks?
What if I can’t ever clear them all?
I feel like a failure having this much to clear.
I’ve certainly done a lot of work in the past.
Why am I not done with this work yet?
I’ve got SO much yet to do.
I know that I only get triggered when I have something to learn
Or when I’m playing really big
So each of these triggers is here to help me.
It’s almost like they are road signs saying ‘This is your next step.’
They are guiding me towards where to grow.
They are guiding me towards becoming more successful.
If I didn’t have things to work on
I couldn’t get more successful than I am now.
And I am committed to greater success
And to making a big different in the world.
I need these blocks to show me where to work.
Hurray for the blocks!
I commit to working through my blocks
As I become more successful
And make more of a difference in the world.


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  1. Andrea says:

    Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!