How to Free Your Mind!

Last time, I asked you about your O.Q. (Organizational Quotient).

After answering those questions, you may be noticing some areas in your business that could use more organization.

Here’s another organizational tip that I love:

Don’t put anything back into your in-box!

If you’re like most people, when you go through your in-box, whether it’s email or paper, there will be some things that you throw away, some you take action on and some things that you place back in your in-box because you’re not sure yet what to do with them. Then you have to look at them again as you’re trying to process your new inputs! Instead, create some folders entitled:

Read/Review – for things that you would like to read, but don’t require your action or immediate attention.

– for future dreams or ideas.

Waiting For – as a reminder of tasks that you’ve delegated and emails that you’ve sent that need a response.

The idea is to EMPTY your inbox each time you go through it and take action on each item — even if the action is to file it appropriately. You’ll be shocked at how wonderful an empty in-box feels!

The best book that I’ve read on organization is “Getting Things Done” by David Allen. It’s a step-by-step system for organizing your business (and if you like, your life). I read the book, then I implemented his system for my business in one day. It made a TREMENDOUS difference in my productivity, ability to follow-up and stay on top of business tasks, and my peace of mind.

I have more time now to do the important things because:

1) I know what the important things are – my projects are all clear to me

2) I don’t have to search for anything – it’s all where it should be

3) I have systems for processing the information that comes to me



If this sounds like a great idea for you, here’s my New Year’s Challenge. Get the book, “Getting Things Done,” and put IMPLEMENT ORGANIZATIONAL SYSTEM on your calendar. If you like to have inspirational ideas on your calendar, call it your “Make Business Easy” Day! Close the day out to other appointments, change the message on your phone so you won’t be disturbed and give yourself — and your business – tons of new time and energy. It will free your mind of the “little things”, allowing you to focus on the big picture — more business and more money.

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