How to SUCCESSFULLY market and sell transformation

Have you ever struggled with trying to explain to people what you do?

If you’re selling widgets, it’s not that hard. (Of course, the widget-sellers aren’t reading this blog.)

In this article, I’m going to share with you the two different ways to SUCCESSFULLY market and sell transformational offerings like coaching, healing, consulting, and training. No one else explains it this way, but my clients LOVE this so I thought it might be helpful to you.

Here are the two types.

Type 1: The Solution
The easiest way to sell a transformational offering is to offer a solution to a particular problem. This means that you offer a program, package, or system based on helping people with relationships, or health, or money, or business, or spirituality. In your marketing, you tell them that it is possible to transform that part of their lives.

This is easier because it’s the way that people think about themselves and what they want. They’re looking to solve problems, so when you offer a solution to the particular problem they’re experiencing, you become irresistible to them.

Examples of a solution-based offering are names like ‘The Soul-Mate System’ or ‘The Six-Figure Small Business Quick Start’.

Type 2: The Process
Most practitioners and coaches try to sell process-based offerings that are grounded in people understanding modalities.

After all, you WANT to buy three months of life coaching, right? Or you’re just itching for 5 sessions of roto-regressional hypno-massage, aren’t you? OK, I confess, I made that last one up!

Unfortunately, too many people don’t understand transformation or the modalities, so trying to sell a modality is a definite road to struggle.

There IS a way to offer process-based work and be successful. You have to create a signature system around your work, AND you have to be willing to put yourself out there with guru status to do it. Examples of this are Byron Katie’s ‘The Work’ and Hale Dwoskin’s ‘The Sedona Method’.

I’d like to tell you that the 2nd method takes more courage. Honestly, both take courage because putting your work out in the world can be a scary thing.

I’m going to suggest that you consider a compromise. You can create your process-based offering if that feels more authentic to you. But why not, initially, market that process around a particular solution?

An example of this would be ‘The XYZ System for Loving Relationships’.

When I suggest to folks that they focus on a particular solution, rather than selling a process, many have said back to me ‘But Jack Canfield serves everyone!’ And that’s true. But he didn’t always serve everyone. His first offering was ‘Self Esteem in the Classroom’ because the teaching environment was the one that he knew best.

So take a clue from Jack, and create a solution for people. You can develop your proprietary process as you go. And you’ll be more successful, and more irresistible in your marketing while you do it.

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One Response to How to SUCCESSFULLY market and sell transformation

  1. Joy Nanda says:

    Thank you for such a clear explanation! I have been dragged kicking and screaming into the “Solution” camp, but it feels a little off for a modality that is clearly process-oriented – even though it greats great results, our whole paradigm is in not getting attached to outcomes! Now, I understand this is a necessary phase in the development of my marketing and business building, not a lifetime commitment to “fixing” people.