I’d have to sell my soul

If I want to fall in love with business, I’ll have to sell my soul.

I won’t be spiritual any more.

I won’t have that heart-centered approach that I love about myself.

It will all be about the money.

My values will be distorted.

I’ll become a Scrooge.

It’s certainly possible that might happen. After all, Ebenezer was pretty nice as a kid, and he had some bad years later. But he also had a huge misunderstanding about money, and business. He let fear guide his actions, rather than transformation.

If your belief about business is that you must be hard-hearted, callous and cruel, then you will shape yourself that way to do business. That would be pretty silly and unfortunate, but you could do it.

If your belief about business is that you make a huge difference in the world by fulfilling a desperate desire that people have for transformation, that’s a bit different. You’ll need a few additional beliefs along this one in order for it to work, such as:

It’s good to charge appropriately for what I do.

Telling the world about the transformation I provide is a benefit to people.

I’m a mensch when I offer my goods or services for purchase.

Getting these new beliefs installed usually means overcoming not just the old beliefs but the hidden fears: fear of rejection, fear of ridicule, fear of failure, and fear of conflict.

It’s overcoming these fears that’s the challenge. It’s the fears that are holding the old limiting beliefs in place.

Once you get all those new beliefs working together, you become a transformational entrepreneur – a Mr. Fezziwig, not a Scrooge. The good you do is not limited to the individual you happen to be in front of, but can extend to many.

And if that doesn’t warm your heart and redeem your soul, I don’t know what will.