It Broke My Heart

While giving a recent teleclass, I got a number of questions via the web during the class. Many of them broke my heart – I so wanted to help the struggling transformational entrepreneurs, and give the answers that have worked for me. While I didn’t have time to answer them during the call, I thought I’d answer some of them here.

I understand, I’ve thought all of these at some time in the past. They are the kind of beliefs that haunt transformational entrepreneurs. And they can be overcome, which is vital if your’re going to achieve the success you want.

For each question, I want to offer both an emotional/energetic answer, and a practical one. Sometimes you’ll need one or the other, sometimes both. Please carefully consider both answers, even if you think you know which one you need.

Question: I have a belief “people don’t like what I have to offer.” I offer things out and no one buys. Is my belief making it happen?

Practical: Why are you offering things no one is interested in? Is it that they aren’t interested in what you have to offer, or that you’re not clear about the value of what you’re offering? Why not ask your target market of prospective clients what they want, and then offer that?

Emotional: Is your belief making it happen? Almost certainly to some extent. When you enter a conversation with the energy ‘You’re not going to want this anyway’ it will be hard for you, or anyone else, to get excited about it! Instead, get clear on the value that you provide, and you’ll be able to express it enthusiastically. Then people will respond.

Question: I’ve been doing daily meditations and affirmations to earn a good in.come for 5 months. Why is nothing happening?

Practical: What actions are you taking to support this inner work? Are you going out and talking to 10-20 prospective clients a day? Are you picking up the phone and contacting lots of people? Inner work is very important, but without the external action, it doesn’t produce any results.

Emotional: What’s the energy behind your affirmations? If you only want to earn a good in.come, without worrying about the service you provide, you’re only working one half of the equation. Instead, concentrate on getting really excited about the service you provide, so excited that you can’t wait to share it with others, and let your money affirmations be in partnership with that.

Question: I believe that I can make my dream in.come (1.4 million). But I just don’t know how.

Practical: Who does know? Someone out there, somewhere, has done what you want to do. Can you contact them and ask for advice, or mentoring? It’s much easier to copy success than it is to reinvent the wheel. Learn from someone who has already blazed a trail for you. Sometimes you can even get the information from a book, class, or program. (Hint: It’s a good idea to spend some money with someone and learn from them before approaching them as a mentor.)

Emotional: We often have barriers to taking imperfect action. What’s one small action you can take towards your goal? Is there any belief or feeling in the way of taking that action? Are you afraid if you take imperfect action you’ll fail? Use EFT Tapping if you need to, but getting out on the court and taking action is not negotiable, even if it’s imperfect action and you’re still figuring it out.

Be sure to look at your questions, your concerns and your issues from both the practical and the emotional/energetic side. You’ll get much more great information that will give you different perspectives to help you move ahead.