It’s a Sign!

The credit card payment didn’t take on the first try, so I’m not meant to do this program.

I typed in the email address wrong once, so I wasn’t supposed to write and ask for this favor.

I misdialed the phone, so I wasn’t supposed to make that call today.

I do believe in the power of providence. I believe that sometimes the guiding hand of Spirit reaches out, and saves us from ourselves. And I am grateful for these interventions.

I also believe that it’s far too easy to let fear stop you as you pursue a path of stepping up. When you’re contemplating creating big and busting loose, what better way to protect yourself than to look for any excuse as a ‘sign’ you aren’t supposed to?

If you believe you shouldn’t sign up for that training program because you mis-typed your credit card number, then look at your fears. What’s really challenging you here?

I’m guessing it’s one of these:

  • I’m afraid I won’t succeed.
  • I’ll get into this and won’t follow through.
  • I’ll look stupid if I can’t do it right.
  • If this doesn’t work, there is no hope left.
  • This could prove that I’m really a failure.
  • It’s a big investment – I should just work on this in a cheaper way.

If you find one of these lurking, then address that first, before you decide if there’s really a spiritual message for you.

You can also look at it another way: if the Universe throws up barriers, maybe it’s testing your resolve. Maybe someone out there knows that the way will be a little tough, but SO worth it, and wants to make sure you’re not going to get halfway down the road and give up. So a little resistance, a few obstacles, and presto – your tenacity gauge gets set at ‘Not giving up!’

And that’s a powerful way to start anything.

2 Responses to It’s a Sign!

  1. Kim Beckers says:

    I love this Pamela, so true, often times we try to find excuses why we should not push ourselves further, like you suggest, if these barriers are in our way then it was not meant to be but rather in fact, the universe is seeing how badly we want it and is testing us to see if we will stand up and fight for what we want. Love that! Don’t let life pass you by, take action for what you want, it is always the first step.

  2. Kristi Shmyr says:

    Thank you for saying this! I often warn my clients against using signs and “intuitions” as an excuse. But love the way you frame it!