Later means never (sales tip!)

Have you ever been in a sales conversation and had someone say ‘This sounds great! I want to work with you! This will be so awesome!’

You smile, congratulating yourself on booking another great client.

Then that person says ‘I can’t start now, but later… probably in a few months.’


Let me tell you the unfortunate truth: later almost always means NEVER.

Here’s why:

When someone says ‘later’ it means that there’s no urgency. Whatever causes them to think that delaying is better than working with you right now will continue to be an issue. It’s not the right time, there isn’t enough money, they aren’t quite ready yet…

So here are a few things that you can do:

1) Don’t say ‘later’ yourself.
You attract people like you, so make sure that you’re making clear decisions. ‘Later’ is usually a lie, to help you feel better, like you’re going to take action, but not having to make the commitment and the investment (of money or time!)

2) Don’t waste energy thinking about the people who said ‘later’.
If you still have them in the back of your mind, thinking ‘I’ll get them as a client later…’ you’re draining energy from bringing in clients that want to work with you now. Let them go. I know it’s painful, but it will save you energy in the long run.

3) Learn to close the sale and overcome the objection.
Learning how to create the urgency that has someone say ‘I don’t want to wait!’ is a skill. This means that that you can learn it, and it’s not just an inborn talent that only a few have. Here’s a hint: see if you can get underneath your prospective client’s fear – there is always a fear – of them starting with you right now. If they acknowledge the fear, you can point out that the fear isn’t likely to change in a few months.

It can be really tough when someone says ‘later’. But it’s another opportunity for you to improve your sales, and focus on your ideal clients.

I’ll be sharing something REALLY exciting next week to help you close the sale – keep your eyes open for that!