Meeting up with Success

With so many business owners striving for success, it seems as though it should be more commonplace.

Why is there so much struggle?

To achieve success, you need several specific things. When you think about achieving success as a journey, the elements become clear.

You need:

1) A destination (let’s call this your Success Destination)
2) A set of directions (or a GPS)
3) A vehicle

A Destination
Have you clearly defined what you’re looking for? I talk to many people who say ‘I want to make more money.’ But how much more money? What does success look like for you? Not having a clear destination is like getting in your car and saying ‘I want to go to the East Coast.’

You can ask yourself these questions to determine your ‘Success Destination.’

How much money do I want, and why?
What do I want my business to look like?
What would an ideal day/week look like?

A Set of Directions (or a GPS)
Once you have your destination, knowing how to get there is critical. Learning from someone who has done it before can help, or getting a step-by-step program or process that can walk you through to your Success Destination. A program or product is more like a set of directions – the map doesn’t give you feedback if you have questions about the route. Having a mentor, guide or coach is more like a GPS that can help if you need to re-route. Which method do you prefer?

A Vehicle
This is the motive force that you need to get to your Success Destination. It’s a combination of time, effort, investment, and a business model or strategy. Ask yourself these questions:

How much am I willing to invest to reach my Success Destination?
By what method will I get there?
Have I confirmed that this method will actually get me there?

This last question is very important. If you’ve got a dream of making money with a certain model make sure that you’ve researched someone who’s done it, and that you know how to duplicate their path. For example, you’re going to write an ebook and sell 1,435,000 of them for 65 cents each – not a model I would recommend – are you following a proven model of success? Have you spoken with someone who’s worked that model?

Take some time to establish all three elements, and you’ll have a much smoother journey to  success!