“Pamela Bruner is a master practitioner of the success principles that I teach.”

Jack Canfield

Author of ‘The Success Principles’ and ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’

I’ve made $70,000 in three months!

“Hiring a business coach was part of my strategic plan to take my business to the next level because of my wide exposure to many excellent business coaches.

Pamela Bruner stood out head and shoulders above the rest as a master business coach with the exact experience and expertise I needed and wanted. So I expected great things when I hired her…but that’s not what I got.”

The first week she had me “tweak” something that resulted in a 4X increase in revenue that literally paid for my entire investment in her coaching program twice over! Next, she helped me design and launch a brilliant set of programs – based on what I love to do most – that grossed over $70,000 in 3 months.

Pamela coaches from both her heart and her brilliant mastery of business and I trust her completely as a key player in my business and in my future.” Margaret M. Lynch

Success Coach, EFT Expert

“I’ve gained 4,000 new contacts and turned over $10,000”


“Working with Pamela gave me the confidence and know-how I needed to run my first successful telesummit (www.FertilityFocusTelesummit.com) where I gained an amazing 4,000 new contacts for my mailing list and turned over $10,000!

Since then I have been approached to take part in several exciting projects as a fertility expert, and have seen an increase in my product sales and client appointments.

Thank you, Pamela for being a fabulous coach and mentor, and also helping me use EFT to clear the blocks I had to succeed!” Sarah Holland

“I’ve made $95,000 in just two months”

“After years of struggling with my business and barely making ends meet… and after just one year of coaching with Pamela, I just made $95,000 in two months’ time! Oh, my word!

Not only was marketing easy, but selling my very high-ticket program was just so much fun!

I couldn’t have done it without you, Pamela! Thank you soooooo much!” Rev. Anne Presuel

Your 6th Sense Guide to a 6-Figure Business

“I closed two new clients at my high ticket price point!”

“I had studied how to sell high ticket through Strategy Sessions with other coaches and I had gotten enough there to sell one high ticket ($897) package. But something in the way they described it didn’t work for me energetically. I loved the way you used the acronym of PARTNER, which felt authentic coming from you from the start.

I tried another Strategy Session and didn’t close the sale because I got uncomfortable with discussing the money and being present with my client’s discomfort with the money piece and with committing. I knew I needed help with this piece, you gave me the answer: I needed to show up energetically for that discomfort, to just be present with it at the end, and that that was where the gold was. BINGO, it worked!

I closed the next two clients at a higher price point of $1155, and in both cases, it really took just quietly hanging out and staying on the phone.” Laura Cornell

“I’ve made over $9000 in sales after a 15-minute call with Pamela”

“I had set up 20 sales calls over a 3 day period to promote a new program. The first day I didn’t get one sale and was feeling really frustrated.

I spoke to Pamela for 15 minutes where she suggested I tweak one thing in my sales process.

The result? $9200 in sales over the next 48 hours! Need I say more?” Matthew Goldfarb

“I experienced a breakthrough in something I’ve been struggling with for a month!”

“The feeling I had before working with you yesterday was like hitting a wall. I kept trying to come up with a fresh exciting idea but kept circling back to what I’ve already had.

I don’t know if it was you or the tapping, but after we hung up the phone, I felt like the floodgate opened and I experienced a breakthrough in something I’ve been struggling with for over a month!

I took my daughter to her piano lesson, and while I was waiting, this amazing content flew out of me and I created a free video training in half hour, which I couldn’t do before! I felt completely stuck until yesterday when it finally came out so crystal clear, I almost felt stupid for not seeing it before! This means I can now market my event with complete confidence and get people excited about attending! 

Thank you so much! Milana Leshinsky

“I made over $10,000 in just 10 weeks!”

“Pamela helped me get clear on my brand, my genius, and my perfect offering. She helped me create a high-ticket program based on exactly what I love to do, so I’m working with my perfect clients!

Only 10 weeks after I started working with Pamela, I booked seven ideal clients into my program, for a $10,900 payday. Thanks, Pamela!” Tami Gulland

“I increased my income exponentially!”

“I attended Pamela’s one-day ‘Quantum Leap’ events in June and December 2010. I really did not expect that I would get so much out of just one day, but each time I made a Quantum Leap in my business!

After the first one, I switched from a “time for dollars” model to charging for the transformational process. Not only are my clients better served, I increased my income exponentially!

Pamela’s Marketing Mastery class changed the way I felt about selling and marketing and helped remove the life-long distaste I had for promoting myself or my services allowing me to freely share my gifts with the world!” Helen MacMillan

“I made $2,000 in a day…”

“That’s right, $2,000 in 1 day, using what Pamela Bruner taught me in a very short time. She is incredibly gifted in what she does and makes it feel like fun. The success I have just experienced is all because I learned some incredible TIPS from Pamela, and I used them.

In all my years of business, I have never received results like these. I was able to reach people I never could before. It has opened up doors for me, I didn’t think were possible, and this is only the beginning. My mind is stimulated with even more ideas to incorporate form what Pamela is teaching me, and I can’t wait to try them out.” Gail Peterson

“I earned $12,000 in 2 weeks after Pamela’s live event”

“I recently attended Pamela Bruner’s one-day live event, Quantum Leap to Success.

Although I’d never worked with Pamela before, I was so inspired by what I learned in that one-day presentation, I immediately went out and earned $12,000 in the next two weeks!

Even though I’m great at what I do, that kind of result was unheard of for me before. Now I KNOW that I can create the business that I always dreamed of.

Thanks, Pamela!” Mande White

Internet Marketing Strategist

“I doubled my rates twice in just a few weeks”

“Before working with Pamela, I spent 12 years getting paid hourly fees for coaching sessions. Just a few months after starting to work with Pamela, I switched to clearly defined long-term packages and doubled my rates twice in just a few weeks.

I now make more money from individual clients than I’ve ever believed is possible. And the most beautiful thing: Selling my services is getting easier as I price them higher, and my clients are getting bigger results, because the bigger their investment, the bigger their commitment.” Sylvia Becker-Hill

Becker-Hill Women’s Empowerment School™