Not Enough Time?

The world seems so busy right now, many people feel that they don’t have enough time. This leads to increased stress, compounding the problem! Here are some suggestions for dealing with the ‘not enough time’ syndrome.

1) Take deep breaths regularly – this brings you back to your body, and can interrupt frantic, unproductive thoughts.

2) Relax – do just one thing at a time, not three. The increased focus may make you more productive, not less.

3) Remind yourself that a lot on the ‘to do’ list doesn’t make you busy, trying to do too much at once does.

If these suggestions bring up resistance, or you feel that you can’t do them, try the following:

Tapping Tip for ‘Not Enough Time’

(For a complete explanation of the EFT procedure, download the EFT basics guide on my What is EFT? page.

It may be helpful to tap first on any upset, anger or other uncomfortable feeling. Once that is down to zero, then do the following:

(Setup – tap the Karate Chop point)

Even though I feel that I don’t have enough time, I choose to accept myself and my feelings.

Even though I feel overwhelmed by all that I have to do, I choose to accept myself, and to consider enjoying my day.

Even though I feel that I’ll never get everything done, I choose to forgive myself, accept myself as I am now, and I choose that it’s OK to do one thing at a time.

Reminder phrases for the tapping points:

I don’t have enough time
There is too much to do
I can’t get it all done
I should be more efficient
There is so much to do
I feel overwhelmed
I don’t have enough time
I’ll never get everything done

I choose to remember that I have 24 hours in a day
I choose to consider relaxing and focusing on just the task at hand
I choose to forgive myself for not having it all done
I choose to love myself, just as I am
I’m open to the Universe creating more time for me
I’m open to enjoying each thing that I need to do
I choose to proceed in an efficient, unhurried manner
I choose to enjoy every moment of my time

Happy tapping!

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