Remembering to use EFT

Tapping Tip:

EFT can be one of your most powerful tools, IF you remember to use it. I hear from clients all the time that they forgot to use EFT in the midst of an upset, an angry moment, or a difficult decision.

NOTE: These suggestions assume that you have a familiarity with EFT. If you don’t, please download and read the document ‘EFT Basics’ available on my ‘What is EFT?’ page.

Here are my suggestions to help you create empowering habits:

1) When upset strikes, get in the habit of immediately removing yourself to a quiet, private spot, if you are in your own home. Bathrooms are wonderful for this, wherever you may be – even at work. If someone annoys you, if you receive an upsetting email or phone call, or your attitude could use a serious upward adjustment – just go. Don’t think about it, don’t wonder if this is one of the times that you should go, just go.

2) As soon as you are alone, tap the KC point and say “Even though I am SO upset about this, I choose to accept myself.” Say this two more times, while tapping all the time. If you’re in a public restroom and feel that you can’t speak aloud, shout this in your head.

3) If you wish to be more specific with the words, you can change them. For example:

Even though she was so rude to me…
Even though my boss is asking me to do the impossible…
Even though my husband doesn’t listen to me…

4) Tap through all the points, repeating the reminder phrase

‘So upset!’
‘So rude to me!’
‘Do the impossible!’
‘Doesn’t listen!’

Remember if you’re saying this inside your head instead of aloud, yell it to yourself.

5) At the end of a round, take a deep breathe and see how you feel. If you’re not completely calm, repeat step 2 (the setup) with this change:

“Even though I’m still upset about this, I could choose calm now.”

6) Do one complete tapping round of ‘Still upset’ (all the points) and then do one complete tapping round with the phrase ‘I could choose calm’.

7) Repeat steps 5 and 6 until you’re feeling calm!

The more times that you remember to use tapping in the moment, the easier it will become, and the more rewarding. If I get annoyed at my husband, which doesn’t happen very often, I immediately say to him ‘Excuse me’ and go into another room and tap. At first he thought it was strange, but now he loves it, because I come out calm and ready to talk reasonably about the issue.

I also suggest that until this becomes a habit, you tap every morning with the setup

Even though I’m afraid that I’ll forget to use EFT when I need it, I choose to easily remember!

The tap one complete round with the reminder phrase ‘I’ll forget EFT’ and one complete round with the reminder phrase ‘I choose to easily remember!’

Use these suggestions, and in a very short time you’ll find it much easier to release upset and anger. This is not to say that your anger or upset may not be justified, but you’re always more powerful from a place of calm. And powerful and effective is something that we can all use!

Happy Tapping!

A Chance to Talk Back:
What are you concerned about now? What big issues would you like support with? I know that I sometimes read newsletters, and think that the person writing isn’t really talking to me, that they don’t know my life.

I’ll be happy to address your specific concerns (and I won’t say they came from you) in an upcoming tapping tips article, or consider a teleclass on your favorite subject. Email me today, and let me know how I can make this even more relevant to your life!

Book Recommendation:

The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho
This marvelous book tells the story of a shepherd boy who goes in search of his ‘Personal Legend’ and all that he learns along the way. The prose has the easy grace of poetry, and some of the most powerful truths written in memorable and moving ways. A must-read!

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