Wish that sales didn’t have to feel like selling? Try this!

One of the things I love best about coaching is how often clients become friends. Working alongside them, helping them reach their goals and navigate obstacles, well, it’s hard not to become personally invested.

I don’t care about my clients’ successes just because they’re working with me  — I personally root for them to succeed, and I bet you’re the same way. It’s probably why you went into coaching or a transformational business in the first place.

So why does starting that relationship usually feel so…uncomfortable?

In my recent blog post, I talked about mindset and how it’s your secret weapon for sales success. This is like the locker room pep talk before the big game (or for the film lovers, the classic movie montage where the main character gets pumped for their BIG challenge – think Rocky).

Now that your confidence mojo is flowing, it’s time to look at how you approach the sales process. Here are five things to keep in mind for selling transformational services.

  1. Focus on fit. You don’t need to work with everyone – just the RIGHT people. Look for people you naturally click with, because you’ll be more enthusiastic when talking to them. People respond to enthusiasm (and it feels way different than being pushy!)
    • The flipside: This means that you have to define your ideal clients and look for them! It’s awesome to know that you don’t have to book in the whiners, complainers, and the uncoachable. Just because someone could pay for your services doesn’t mean you’d want to work with them. There’s a saying in coaching: “If you have to drag them in, you’ll have to drag them around.”
  2. Understand their challenges. If you know what their big struggles are, you can tailor your conversation about how your services will specifically help them.
    • The flipside: Remember, people buy for THEIR reasons, not yours. If you try to sell them on why they should want something, it won’t fly. Figure out what their reasons are, then show them that you can help them get that. It might even just be a small part of the overall transformation.
  3. Be clear and honest. You provide valuable transformational services. Don’t make guarantees or promises you can’t keep but do be honest about the possibilities a potential client could experience working with you.
    • The flipside: If you just tell people about your methodology because you’re afraid to talk about results, it is as much of a disservice as if you promise something you can’t deliver. Don’t shy away from telling people what’s possible just because you ‘can’t guarantee it’ or don’t know the exact transformation they’ll receive. Possibilities are exciting and you can and should share them!
  4. Make appropriate offers. This circles back to tip #1 about fit. Offer your services only if you genuinely believe you can help them and you would work well together. The prospect has to decide if he or she can afford you and are willing to put in the effort.
    • The flipside: Don’t make a decision not to offer to someone because you don’t think that they can afford it. That’s not your call to make.
  5. Be their advocate. This means encouraging them to step up to their potential and not allowing them to stay in their comfort zone if you think they are better served by playing BIG – not small.
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