Saying ‘No’

As entrepreneurs, we often fear hearing ‘no’. When we offer our services or products, we dread asking the question that may lead to rejection.

But how often do you give yourself the option to say ‘no’?

Last week, I fired someone from my team. I said ‘no’ to behavior that wasn’t up to par. I also said ‘no’ to someone who was asking me for a service that I don’t provide as part of my business. I could have provided it, but it would have been out of alignment and out of integrity, and I was willing to let a customer go rather than be out of integrity.

When you don’t say ‘no’, and you need to, that isn’t being nice. It’s being disempowered.

Do you need to say ‘no’ to any of these situations?
A client who is draining you, or crossing boundaries.
A volunteer situation that is taking too much of your time away from your business.
People who want to ‘pick your brain’ without paying for your expertise.
A team member or vendor who isn’t performing.
Feeling like you ‘can’t do it’ or ‘don’t have enough.’
Working too hard and ignoring your priorities.
Family or friends who are skeptical or scornful of your business.
Allowing yourself to procrastinate, or sabotage yourself.

Most of the time we don’t say ‘no’ because we’re afraid of being disliked or judged, or we’re concerned that people will get upset at us, or we’re scared of committing to something that’s so big we might fail.

When you remove those fears, you will be 100 times more powerful, in business and in life.

The truth is that people may dislike you anyway. People may get upset with you anyway.  People WILL judge you, no matter what. You can’t please everyone. Why not be in integrity with yourself?

When you learn to say ‘no’ what you’re really saying is ‘yes’ to what you want.
Yes, I want a business that works.
Yes, I choose to believe in myself.
Yes, I will do whatever it takes.

This week, decide what you need to say ‘no’ to, and what you need to say ‘yes’ to. If you need courage, use EFT tapping to remove the fears of the consequences of saying ‘no’.

The better you get at saying ‘no’, the better you’ll be able to say ‘yes’ to what you really need. You’ll like yourself better, you’ll be much more successful, and (here’s the secret) the people who really matter will like and respect you more.