Sing Your Blues Away

Women have used the power of song throughout history, to tell stories, to heal grief, and to make chores more pleasant. Children also know the power of music, which is why so many schoolyard taunts are sung or chanted. Anyone can use the power of music to lift their spirits. You don’t need to be a musician or singer to use music in a powerful, healing way.

Affirmations have been around for decades, but can be ineffective if you have a critical voice in your head that argues with your affirmation. You need to find a way to bypass the critical voice. Music will do that. I recommend setting simple affirmations to music, and singing them repeatedly. We’ve all had songs from our past get stuck in our heads for days. What if the song that gets stuck in your head is your affirmation?

For example, a simple affirmation such as

I am wealthy


I am healthy

can be sung to the tune of Frere Jacques. I would sing

I am healthy, I am healthy, Yes I am, Yes I am!

Another example would be

I am strong and empowered, every day!

sung to the opening line of (Somewhere) Over the Rainbow. Once you begin singing affirmations, the words go directly into your subconscious.

Begin by creating a simple affirmation, and then try singing the words to a familiar tune. If the words don’t fit, try another tune until you find one that works. You can also make up a tune if you prefer. When you’re singing short affirmations, you can add the words

all the time or yes I am

to fill out a line of music.

Adding music to your affirmations makes them powerful so you want to be sure that you word them in an effective way. Affirmations work best if they are in present tense, positive, and personal. For example, sing

I am successful

instead of

I will be successful


I am courageous

rather than

I am not scared


I feel loved

rather than

John loves me

Be adventurous when you choose your words, and claim who you are. When you sing an affirmation, you may find it comfortable to make a bolder statement than you would make if you were speaking.

Anyone can harness the power of music to instill positive feelings and thoughts. Once you begin singing, your spirits lift, you feel more joyful, and challenges seem much more manageable.

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